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SBC: Southern Baptist Conspiracies

Aside from June, the month where the annual meeting takes place, September is one of the busiest news months for the Southern Baptist Convention. This is because many of the trustees of the various entities have their meetings in September. In September we saw non Southern Baptist churches be recommended for disfellowship while Saddleback Church has a new senior pastor who co-pastors with his wife. We also saw Adam Greenway was forced to resign and evidently the IMB is no longer where he’s going.

With all the news going on, the Southern Baptist Convention is ripe for speculation and conspiracies. In this livestream, Berean Babe, Violet Chikuni and DAvid Morrill of Protestia join the Evangelical Dark Web to discuss Adam Greenways resignation, Al Mohler’s posturing, and Costi Hinn’s beef with various Christian leaders (more coverage on this to come.)

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