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And Injustice For All

Recent years have eroded much of the American experiment. In a land where constitutional rights are optional and subject to the whimsical authority, where the people are in collective ignorance to their national heritage, where the Federalism system has been breached by central government far beyond its initial mandate, where the bureaucratic administration and peoples’ representatives are given over to special interest, and where the State murdered its people through the creation of biological hazard, it is an unsurprising tragedy that even the most foundational elements to American rule of law have too been defenestrated to the nefarious interests of the State and the degradation of the populace.

It is disturbing that elements that when the State jeopardizes the lives of men, that even the verdicts of men are adjudicated through the preferred political lens. The trials of officers involved in Freddie Grey were early shots, where the jury pools of Baltimore proved untrustworthy to adjudicate impartial verdicts, but all the system still succeeded against the political malfeasance of Marylin Mosby. As the racial grievance industry gained steam, jurors became activists for social justice, with Derek Chauvin’s fate being decided in four hours by jurors on counts of 2nd and 3rd degree murder. Kyle Rittenhouse proved as another bellwether of American injustice, placed in jeopardy for defending himself during state sanctioned lawlessness, where the FBI withheld quality video evidence from trial. Justice overcame a deadlocked jury, but not without substantial costs. Others like Kim Potter proved less fortunate before a jury for a mistake few, if any, have ever been charged.

In politically charged cases, the cracks within the justice system are expanding. Look no further than the defendants of January 6, where a number have been denied bail and due process, where they have been confined in cruel conditions even to this day. The Epoch Times did a superb documentary on how the state through malice instigated and perpetuated the events at the Capitol from the Capitol Police to the FBI. The actions of the Capitol Police were not consistent with crowd control, but were themselves incendiary and wrought with abuses caught on camera worse than those alleged against Darren Wilson or Derek Chauvin. Thus far, the State is succeeding against these people in convicting on trumped up charges before trial juries. For them the system is broken.

Significance of Mark Houck

While it is conceivable in high profile cases for the limits of justice to fall short and the weaponization of the state against Donald Trump is unique, America is descending towards the most tyrannical regimes with the FBI’s recent arrest of Mark Houck using SWAT teams for violating the FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) over an instance local police lacked probably cause to press charges because Houck’s actions were in defense of his family. Houck faces upwards of 11 years in prison and a $350K fine over the October incident.

Prosecuting the case is lesbian lawyer Jacqueline C. Romero, who was promoted by Biden to US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania back in June. Prior to this, she was the Assistant US Attorney for the same office. Doubtless the new sheriff in Philly wanted to make a statement and an example out of those who stand outside abortion factories with this prosecution and has an FBI that is participatory in these schemes. Look for the Department of Justice to continue weaponizing the FACE Act against those who stand outside abortion factories going forward as the Biden Administration continues appointing activist to the US Attorney offices across America.

Representing Houck, Peter Breen of the Thomas Moore Society (the same law firm that represented Grace Community Church), claims that prosecutors out of DC are handling the case, implying that this goes high up in the DOJ. Breen described how the fake victim Houck defended himself from was a routine activist known for vulgarity who repeatedly tried to have the Pennsylvania courts rule against Houck only to fail. For one hearing, he did not appear against Houck.

Mark Houck is an average guy, and he will not be the only normal American jeopardized by the state. The Daily Signal received reports from Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries in St. Paul, Minnesota stating that the FBI recently questioned their sidewalk ministry over an incident where a Planned Parenthood worker attempted to vandalize the pro-life signs with a boxcutter. Already it has begun and with increasingly politicized jury pools, he might too suffer at the hands of the State.

The FACE Act, signed into law by President Clinton in 1994, functioned as a tradeoff between protecting abortion and religious worship within the federal code. Although this law is a usurpation of federalism, whereby it makes crimes at the state level federal crimes, it theoretically should have been used against those who vandalized Pro-Life pregnancy centers. Moreover, it should have been employed against those lessor magistrates enforcing lockdowns against churches, as that falls under access to place of worship. But we all know the reason why the government takes no interest in these actual crimes.

Injustice of Anarcho-Tyranny

Contrasting the aggression of the FBI, IRS, and other federal regime actions is the lawlessness on the streets. It is classic “what-aboutism” to draw comparison between someone being prosecuted and the Antifa/BLM activist whose crimes mostly go unpunished, that if the FBI employed the same facial recognition apparatus against the January 6 protesters to the BLM rioters then they would have thousands of arrests throughout the country. Yet this dichotomy of authoritarianism and lawlessness is the point. The government seeks an iron fist against its opposition and employs kid’s gloves towards preferred groups.

At the state level, there are Soros-backed District Attorneys and anti-bail politicians who prioritize “criminal justice reforms” that clear the jails of violent criminals. For years, the myth has perpetuated that there is an overincarceration problem in the US, due to the disparate impact on blacks, who collectively commit a disproportionate amount of violent crimes. This led Trump to pass the First Step Act and for several states to remove bail. Other cities have decriminalized certain offenses, which is perhaps in line with the purpose of elected prosecutors, but under the guise of this same ideology and not to the benefit of their foolish voter base who then suffer under the violence. It used to be that Democrats wanted to be tough on crime; now that is a bipartisan rarity with Governors like Bill Lee championing “reforms” as his state’s murder rate has nearly doubled since 2013 from 5.2 to 9.6. Just as with violations of civil rights, Covid ushered in the release numerous criminals who would later escalate violence to honor George Floyd.

From White Nationalists to Christian Nationalists

Christian Nationalist has become the new pejorative for predominantly white evangelicals who vote for the American First agenda and social conservatism.

Presently, the SBC claims it is being investigated by the DOJ for allegations pertaining to sexual abuse, yet the office investigating them is the SDNY, not their counterpart in Atlanta. While there could be real instances of criminal behavior uncovered, it is equally possible the DOJ is acting with animus against a Christian denomination with a politically conservative laity. Though one can expect Bart Barber to reject Christian Nationalism, it does not matter to the mob outside Lot’s house. It is all the same to them.

The ironically named Inflation Reduction Act seeks to hire 87K IRS agents over the next ten years while providing funding of $80 billion, in a provision that drew much outrage. From present behavior, it is obvious these agents will not be utilized for auditing the rich and powerful, but the everyday Americans, just as they are currently doing. The Washington Post found that 51% of audits are targeted towards those making less than $75K/year while 77% are against those earning less than $200K. The expansion of the IRS will be weaponized against these supposed Christian Nationalists, whether their personal lives or their businesses. That means everyday Americans like Jack Phillips might receive audit by the IRS. It also could signify churches being targeted in the years to come. While there is criticism of the tax-exempt status held by churches, it could be that those who are critical of the regime become scrutinized for their behaviors rather than the megachurches who preach prosperity and are obvious hucksters. Look for the Christ Church’s or Apologia’s to fall under the scrutiny of the IRS before the Lakewood’s of America. Perhaps those who speak boldly against Biden, Newsome, Whitmer, or Hochul might be prosecuted under the unconstitutional Johnson Amendment, which has historically gone unwielded by the State.

In returning to the FBI, their use of entrapment schemes and reliance on informants has been a constant for decades. Rather than investigation, the use of entrapment schemes has become Modis Operandi, as seen in the “kidnapping” of Gretchen Whitmer. Sandbagging cases of political significance detrimental to the regime is normative and should be expected at this point. Botching cases of notable public concern should be expected. According to a recent FBI whistleblower, the agency is prioritizing cases that suit their preferred political narrative over child sex trafficking.

Donald Trump said it best when he famously stated, “In reality they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way.” A society that succumbs to violence and refuses to bear the sword in justice will ultimately either collapse upon herself or draw the Hand of God against her. The State is slowly being weaponized against the populace with targeted interest against those of the Church. Barring repentance the likes of Nineveh, there will be injustice for all.

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