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Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer’s Pro Abortion Meltdown Continues

It’s no surprise that Phil Vischer is weak on the issue of abortion given his promotion of Francis Collins and his overt liberalism when it comes to Critical Race Theory and transgenderism. Yet there now exists definitive proof that he is also pro-abortion. In a Twitter meltdown that has been going on for days, Phil Vischer has had his feet pressed to the fire on the issue of abortion and has been found weak and effeminate. In a since deleted tweet, Phil Vischer touted his support for exceptions to abortion.

Phil Vischer seems to have been testing the waters when it comes to the Overton Window on abortion with this audience. When his pro-abortion views were openly admitted, he deleted the post.

Preceding the screenshot above was this screenshot whereby Phil Vischer drew a moral equivalency to war and abortion, prompting the obvious question of when an abortion could ever be justified.

There is nothing surprising going on here. Just a liberal outing himself on yet another cut and dry biblical issue.

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3 Responses

  1. One good thing about Twitter is it can reveal how much someone wants to be part of the world vs the kingdom. It seems to me like he’s trying to please both which in reality pleases neither.

      1. Amen, brother. And I think it’s clear which one Vischer is serving when it comes to issues of life. He’s acting the complete opposite of a man – a man should protect life at all costs. But he’s acting like a coward, and he has no excuse whatsoever.

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