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Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker’s October Surprise

It is that time of the election cycle, where random scandals, often solicitous in nature, arise in the leadup to election day. It is a tradition unlike any other that uniquely exposes the rot within politicians and subsequent corruption of the media. In 2016, it was Trumps audacious claim of grabbing women. Though it was November 10th, 2017 saw the DNC’s false predatory sex scandal of Roy Moore in his unsuccessful bid for Senate. In 2018, the October surprise came a month early with Brett Kavanaugh’s false assault allegation by Christine Blasey Ford. 2020 saw (or suppressed) Hunter Biden’s laptop. Within the midterm cycle, the guns have come out blazing and former running back turned senate hopeful Herschel Walker is the latest to face the heat of an October surprise.

As of 10/6/2022, the RCP average has Warnock leading Walker 48% to 44.2%, leading by 3.8. In their most recent polls, both Trafalgar and Emerson have Walker in a narrow lead. RCP also shows Kemp up by and average of 6.4%, which is a substantial differential for split tickets—assuming that these polls are not manipulative propaganda.

Daily Beast’s Allegations

On October 3rd, The Daily Beast unveiled their exclusive report that Herschel Walker paid an unidentified woman $700 for an abortion back in 2009.

A woman who asked not to be identified out of privacy concerns told The Daily Beast that after she and Walker conceived a child while they were dating in 2009 he urged her to get an abortion. The woman said she had the procedure and that Walker reimbursed her for it.

She supported these claims with a $575 receipt from the abortion clinic, a “get well” card from Walker, and a bank deposit receipt that included an image of a signed $700 personal check from Walker.

The Daily Beast provides a picture of the alleged “get well” card along with a comparable card they found on eBay to presumably match the signature. The alleged woman claims to have been ignorant Herschel Walker’s past relationships and other children at the time.

According to the $575 receipt, the abortion took place on Sept. 12, 2009. And according to the Bank of America deposit receipt, Walker wrote the woman a check for $700 on Sept. 17, 2009. The check was deposited two days later.

The Daily Beast does not show even redacted images of either the receipt or the check. Essentially, they have withheld all the evidence that would corroborate the allegations. They even claim this woman is a registered Democrat.

The rest of the article focuses on Walker’s pro-life position, pouncing on the apparent hypocrisy and subsequent denials by Walker for having paid for abortions. There is mention of Christian Walker, Herschel’s son. These elements pad out the article. Overall, the primary motivation behind this article is to bash the religious right and “Christian witness” of Herschel Walker.

In a follow-up story, The Daily Beast alleged that he later would have a child with this woman. They have also ran prior hit pieces against Walker pertaining to his philandering.

Sins of the Father

Lashing out at his father is Christian Walker, who had previously supported Herschel Walker on multiple occasions prior to this bombshell. Christian Walker is Herschel’s second child and was the firstborn within Herschel’s first marriage with Cindy DeAngelis Grossman. The two divorced in 2002, when Christian was three. It was with this woman Herschel allegedly threatened with a gun.

Christian Walker has taken to social media to condemn his father for events from his traumatic childhood in his belief over the alleged abortion. The son contends that his father is routinely dishonest and has failed to put the past behind him. He has even tweeted that his father should “wear a condom.” He contends that he was hesitant to support his father’s campaign and had distanced himself for months. His hyper-effeminate 2-minute rants emphasized his minimal involvement in the Walker campaign.

One does not have to be Sigmund Freud to deduce that Christian Walker’s daddy issues have led him to seek strong men in his backfield to chase after the father who ran out on him. He is a super twink. There is an underlying tragedy that Herschel Walker is responsible for how his son has turned out. Walker being an absentee father undermines any credibility to be found in his message on the breakdown of the black family and perhaps Walker would be better off reconciling with his children than serving in Congress.

Nevertheless, Christian Walker, a “social media influencer” is one of several homosexual grifters within the conservative movement. Previously, he had no qualms utilizing his father’s name to get on the TPUSA grift circuit and obtain access for photos with Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Currently he is trying to launch his Uncancellable Podcast, which presently has under 1000 subs, but at least he has 170K followers on TikTok. Again, it must be asked, how does sodomy win the culture war?

Outrunning the Past

Previously, I stated that Herschel Walker was a terrible candidate because of reasons of substance, character, lack of political background, and history of violence. I was skeptical to Walker’s claims of Dissociative Identity Disorder, which was commonly taught in psychology classrooms, versus a more likely CTE relating to football. DID normally stems from sexual abuse not bullying. Neither condition is fit for public office, just like dementia, and it is peculiar that he would participate in MMA in 2010-2011 after such a diagnosis. Of course, all this is assuming he actually was mentally ill and not simply emotionally unstable. Baby mama drama and violence against women is a poor strategy for winning back suburban women in the Peach State. Nevertheless, this is the outcome that occurred when Trump and Team GOP AstroTurfed their preferred candidate.

Until The Daily Beast presents their receipts and the woman is presented by name, one can rightfully view this as a smear campaign. The most significant testimony against their claims is their refusal to present evidence and publicly name the women. They could end all speculation simply by producing the documents, but I imagine the liberal media wants ambiguity to surround Walker.

However, this shoe fits and Walker has big feet. Like a leather glove, we cannot acquit on account of his outstanding character, as there is none. It is entirely believable that a star athlete would sleep around with multiple women, especially since he has a documented history of doing so. It happens every day and there are countless examples of celebrity athlete infidelity.

It was 2008 where he published his memoir Breaking Free of how he overcame mental illness. In 2010, on Howard Stern, Walker claimed to have only slept with two women (a fact presented by Daily Beast), which would be verifiably false since three of his four acknowledged children would have been born by then, each from different women.

While the Christian response is rightfully to extend grace, as we have been forgiven ourselves, these events took place after Walker began his rehabilitation. Should he be found dishonest in his denials, then that would undoubtedly be sinful. Redemption might make this alleged sin more forgivable in the eyes of voters, just as many overlooked Trump’s prior affairs. Walker has confessed to his other past transgressions. Humans like comeback stories, which is Walker’s sales pitch to the voters of Georgia. It would not do him harm, if for this to have been true, for him to confess his sins and contend repentance. Owning a mistake is virtuous, but it is the coverup that would kill him, not the crime. Mark Robinson, the Lt. Governor of North Carolina was saved after paying for an abortion.

Without a doubt, Herschel Walker will be on the defensive going into the homestretch and this could cost him a point or two at the polls. At worst, this could cost him his election.

Trump vs. Oz. vs Walker

Since the rise of Donald Trump, Christian circles have debated the biblical position on voting, with many revealing themselves to be wolves, with the worst offenders writing books on the matter. Yet we have three distinct candidates with similar conundrums for voters, and for this purpose, the claims against Walker will be assumed.

Many Christians held their nose the first time with Trump, despite his previously liberal past and worldly living on promises of pro-life judges, border security, and anti-globalist policies. Where the 2016 Trump lacked for character, he came with substance that was beyond talking points and were uniquely his own, particularly on culture war issues and immigration. Because “Build the Wall” was his campaign promise, it was perceived as authentic compared to one who recites whatever is the current republican narrative. They would largely vote Trump in 2020 based on his policy results and his general vision for America.

Contrary, Mehmet Oz was a Hollywood liberal who served as a pioneer within the Rainbow Jihad and can be seen on the Breakfast Club podcast bashing heartbeat legislation only to change his tune once he ran for office. Whereas Trump had substance, Oz’s past positions could not be erased by spouting the prevailing Fox News talking points or appearing with Sean Hannity. Already a man of no character and with little to suggest he would be anything other than a less petulant Mitt Romney, voters would be wise to reject Oz, a position I continue to maintain.

Therein lies the problem with Herschel Walker. He is neither substantive nor of high character—as his past is much like Trump’s own. He is often a regurgitator of talking points which comes across as vapid. This is why he has espoused abortion abolition yet also avowed support for Lindsey Graham’s 15-week abortion ban—a political stunt no true abolitionist would entertain. Theoretically, Walker would probably amount to a Marco Rubio rather than a Blake Masters or Susan Collins. This would make him a middle of the road republican senator or perhaps above average. His superficial talking points indicate malleability and possible squishiness, yet there is nothing to indicate he will not support conservative legislation and judges. Additionally, it must be noted that Senator Raphael Warnock is a rank heretic who blasphemes the name of Christ and has a domestic violence record of his own. Based on this positional analytic, I would advise voting for Walker regardless of the claim’s veracity.

For years, Walker has touted himself as a Christian, something that would separate him from the other two men, yet if this were to be revealed as truth, then his integrity would be nonexistent before he ever stepped foot on Capitol Hill.

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