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Revoice Conference Underway

The Revoice Conference is the most overt attempt to mainstream side b theology into Evangelicalism. In 2018, it started out as a mostly Presbyterian Church in America conference with some Southern Baptist support, such as its founder, Nate Collins, and Karen Swallow Prior. Yet despite PCA origins, this movement has spread like a spike protein into other areas of Evangelicalism. At it’s premise, side b theology argues that when it comes to homosexuality, transgenderism, and logically pedophilia, the notion that sinful desires are in fact sin themselves is denied. Instead they articulate that only homosexual behavior is a sin and not the desire. This goes against the 10 Commandments in which coveting is overtly declared a sinful desire, as well as the Sermon on the Mount. Nevertheless, the Revoice Movement has successfully peddled side b theology perhaps further than woke pastors peddled Critical Race Theory.

The Revoice Conference is the spearhead of this theological movement, and its, past and present, speakers such as Greg Coles, Preston Sprinkle, and Wesley Hill have been recommended by prominent denominations such as the Evangelical Covenant Church and church growth “gurus” like Ed Stetzer.

Despite its niche, the popular underlying antinomian premise that sinful desires are distinct from sinful behavior, stemming from not understanding the definition of temptation, is highly pervasive, even being preached by Brian Tome, who preaches at one of the largest churches in the United States.

While Critical Race Theory has gained much of the attention, side b theology creeps onward in Evangelicalism with many institutions too busy or unwilling to tackle this topic. Revoice went further into stealth mode by hiding their conference, including past sessions behind a paywall. Last year, Evangelical Dark Web uncovered a session that was previously hidden from the public, but little was reported on about what was said at the event otherwise.

This year, the speakers include the following:

  • Nate Collins
  • Paolo Errico
  • Steven Cooper
  • Samson Latchison
  • Greg Coles
  • Eve Tushnet
  • Greg Piken
  • Wesley Hill
  • Lesli Hudson-Reynolds
  • Luke Calvin
  • Ray Low
  • Greg Johnson
  • Misty Irons
  • Elizabeth Black
  • Art Pereira
  • Bill Henson


There is much to expose in both this movement and how it has risen to its prominence in the church, and Evangelical Dark Web will expose much of it in due time.

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