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Christian Post Promotes Anti-Defamation League Propaganda

In 2022, the Overton window has shifted in several positive directions. This is not without shortcomings, but it is finally acceptable to call out certain nefarious forces within our society. Unfortunately, when it comes to “Christian” media, they are reticent to call out liberal narratives that have crept into the church.

In the latest example, we have the Christian Post promoting the ADL’s prevailing narrative over the “rise of antisemitism.” Writing for the Christian Post, Nicole Alcindor authored, “How churches and Christians can combat the rising tide of anti-Semitism” as a news column dedicated to platforming the Anti-Defamation League propaganda to a Christian audience. Alcindor is a “Big Eva fangirl” masquerading as a journalist. Much of her contributions to Christian Post are fluff pieces to figures in Big Eva, including those considered low hanging fruit.

As a leading Jewish civil rights organization reports that 2021 saw violence against Jews reach record levels, followers of Christ have a role to play in fostering acceptance for their Jewish neighbors and pushing back against anti-Semitic conspiracy theories within their spheres of influence, Christian scholars say. 

Off the bat, the article affirmatively cites the ADL to define antisemitism and articulates that Christians should be at the forefront in the battle. Make no mistake, the ADL is the SPLC for Jews, functioning as thought police who attack any who dare criticize negative contributions by Jewish individuals and criticisms as Israel.

“The Church can reach out and stand in solidarity with the Jewish community. For example, there may be a local synagogue or shul, or community center where Churches can create relationships. Churches can invite people from synagogues to their churches for a meal or conversation, for a lecture, or for a way of getting to know one another and for better standing in public. … It’s important for friendship to learn about our commonalities. … And I think sometimes, we have to hit the streets and march in solidarity to spread awareness.”

One of the more difficult communities to evangelize is probably the Jewish community and the article quotes Lee B. Spitzer a seminary professor, as a supposed expert on combatting antisemitism in the church. Basically, we should form friendships and a spirit of solidarity, but there is little emphasis on advancing the gospel. He would assert that Jews have an internalized sense that Christians are antisemitic.

Alcindor proceeds to cite the ADL’s claims of increasing antisemitism in America and employs their statistics throughout the article. To simplify the claims, as Christian Post journalism is meant to obfuscate, I have quoted the following summative claim from the ADL:

Of the 2,717 incidents recorded in 2021, 1,776 were cases of harassment, a 43% increase from 1,242 in 2020, and 853 incidents were cases of vandalism, a 14% increase from 751 in 2020. The 88 incidents of antisemitic assault (a 167% increase from 33 in 2020), involved 131 victims; none of the assaults were deadly.

Majority of the incidents the ADL cites are harassment, which includes being called a racial slur verbally or in writing—in other words, not criminal behavior. The ADL lists several organizations they accumulated this data from, which further adds questions to quality control over their statistics.

New York, New Jersey, and California are the leading states for incidents. 51 out of 88 violent incidents in 2021 were in New York. While Christian Post mentions New York and the “surge in hate crimes,” they do not mention that 57.9% of the assaults occur in one state. This rises to 75% when factoring in California’s 15 assaults. They would have readers believe this is widespread and national when it is predominantly within two states.

What the report and Christian Post do not mention is that the same group of people responsible for “Stop Asian Hate” are likely the same group responsible for these assaults. There is no mention of the rise in the “knockout game” phenomenon or the release of criminals back onto the street in certain places. Instead of identifying the two places where these events, CP instead focuses its article connecting violence to a flare up between Hamas and Israel in May of 2021, which is an ADL narrative.

Alcindor then plays the “both sides are the problem” narrative, quoting Serene Hudson of Passages Israel, an Israel tourism organization. She works for an organization that sells tourism to the Promise Land. While a noble endeavor that can help many, it does not justify her as an expert on the topic of antisemitism or American politics whatsoever.

This includes but is not limited to “dangerous rhetoric from the right, white nationalists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists” and “anti-Israel rhetoric” from the left.

“On the extreme right, it has to do with anti-Semitic conspiracies, where Jews are blamed for aspiring for world domination,” she said. “And then on the extreme left, there is plenty of anti-Israel rhetoric that denies the basic right for the Jewish people to have a homeland.”

So calling out George Soros’s plot to elevate pro-criminal district attorneys throughout America through his Open Societies foundation is apparently antisemitic, as is critiquing the modern nation state of Israel.

Scripture provides Christians with an anchor to better understand what’s happening in the world, she added. This can help them with the process of beginning to pray for peace and the protection of the Jewish communities. 

We should not be praying for the peace and protection of Jewish communities, but their revival. Jews are called as much as gentiles to repent and follow Christ, but one cannot peddle ADL narratives and advance the gospel, as proselytizing is seen as antisemitic.

“And so really going back and looking at our source of truth, which is Scripture, which is the Bible, and comparing what it is that God says about His love for His people, against what is being said about the Jewish people can provide better understanding.”

Holocaust education in schools and churches is essential to understanding the history of anti-Semitism in the Church dating back to the Church fathers, Hudson said.

Herein lies the dispensationalism that is a cancer within the church. The Church is the only people that are God’s people, not the modern Jews. Romans 11:11-22 teaches that the unbelieving Jews were grafted out and the believing gentiles grafted in their place. Of course, many Jews would come to Christ as the Apostles made outreach to them, including Matthew translating his gospel into Hebrew (as tradition records), and the destruction of the temple as Jesus prophesized. Nevertheless, we should endeavor that Jews once again become God’s people by accepting His Messiah.

Hudson’s assertion that we need more “education” is laughable, as the Holocaust is one of few 20th century events universally taught in American schools. Godwin’s Law exists because arguments are reduced to Hitler and the Holocaust. Tragically, this is the history most known and the evil our society most reviles, yet the holocaust was not even the most atrocious event to occur between the years 1938-1945, nor the 20th century. WW2 Historian Michael Felton articulates that the Japanese slaughtered between 20-30 million across Asia.

But the worst genocide in history was of course, the Holocaust, and the ADL would have one believe that the Jews are uniquely targeted throughout history. That is not true. It is propaganda. There is plenty of genocide to go around. Part of the antisemitism alleged by blacks like Kanye West or Whoopi Goldberg allude to the notion that Jews are white people who oppress the black community. Whether they assert full CRT like Goldberg or industry specific grievances like Kanye, this mentality exists and is unaddressed by Christian Post. For race baiters, the ADL is competition in the Victimhood Olympics. The great irony is that liberals view the Palestinians as victims despite Palestinian attitudes towards the gays. This is furthered by the notion that Palestinians are “brown” and thus blacks identify with them.

The article concludes by roping Michael Brown into the conversation:

Brown was born in 1955, over a decade after World War II, which was a time when he said there was “more ammunition” against anti-Semitism due to the “horrors of the Holocaust.” 

At that time, he said there was “more reflection about violence and hatred towards the Jewish people and more sympathy for the birth of the modern state of Israel.” 

As a native New Yorker, Brown remembers there was “more solidarity between black Americans and Jewish Americans.” But now, a tremendous rift exists between both minority groups. 

Almost like bullet points, the “ammunition” contradicts the notion we need more education and awareness of the holocaust. On the sympathy for Israel argument, it should be noted that Brown conflates anti-Zionism with antisemitism. Then Brown calls out the rising tensions within NYC, attributing it to economic disparity. He then proceeds to employ woke language in saying that “churches need to come together for ‘reconciliation’ and ‘justice.’” This is the same woke language used for CRT and “racial reconciliation,” just with Brown’s preferred ethnicity.

“More specifically, when it comes to the Jewish people, there needs to be education about God’s ongoing purposes for Israel and the Jewish people. There needs to be teaching against replacement theology — the notion that God has finished with Israel and all the promises once given to Israel are now given to the Church — that creates a curtain of arrogance and anti-Jewish views,” Brown continued. 

This so-called “Replacement Theology” is rightfully called “Fulfillment Theology” is taught in Scripture (Romans 11:11-22). It does not contend that God is finished with the Jews, with many believing in a major revival still to come, but a revival requires the gospel. The New Covenant fulfills the Old. Every page of scripture points to Christ. America was founded by those who adhered to Covenant Theology, not Dispensationalism.

The seeds of dispensationalism have driven our Middle East policy for decades, leading to unnecessary wars, foreign aid disbursements, and regional destabilization. What has this harvest reaped? Objectively, the promises given to Abraham would be inherited by the Church, who is the Bride of Christ. The elect are children of Abraham (Galatians 3:6-8). If a nation blesses the Church, would they not reap the benefits of Christian living? A nation friendly towards the Great Commission would benefit from the charity of the church, the emphasized dignity on human life, and the condemnation of degeneracy that corrodes a society.

Michael Brown does not believe these things. Instead, he believes America blessing Israel will bless America, which, if one measured empirically, the opposite would be found. Dispensationalism muddles the waters when it comes to evangelizing Jews and has become an industry with several ministries capitalizing off this curtain of partiality. This unreciprocated relationship is a waste of valuable resources, both for the Church and America.

Degeneracy of the ADL

In its modern form, Antisemitism is not so much about ethnic heritage as it is about the protection of a society from a perceived threat—namely that of the Jews. The antisemitic rabbit holes attribute the demise of Western Civilization and national identity (Replacement Theory) to Jews. They link Jews to communists and modern globalists platforms. Where they are mistaken is that it is that many of these Jews are functional atheist; therefore, in their hatred of God, they promote a litany of depravity.

The ADL goes above and beyond in its support of wickedness. The ADL is vehemently pro-abortion, calling those who are abolitionist antisemites. Any attacks on “transgender healthcare” is also antisemitism, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Despite what the Torah says about homosexuality, the ADL is pro-homo, condemning the use of “groomer” and association of homosexuality with pedophilia, which is also associated with antisemitism. They even advocate the “Respect for Marriage Act.”

Today is a day of celebration as the US Embassy opens in Jerusalem. The choice of Pastor Robert Jeffress to offer a prayer sends exactly the wrong message. Jeffress has a history of bigoted comments about LGBTQ people, Jews, Muslims, Christians and other religions.

@ADL  May 14, 2018

Zionists within the church can never do enough to be in the good graces of the ADL.

And is it surprising that the ADL condemned comparisons between Covid tyranny, including vaccine mandates, to the Third Reich? Comparing Vaccine Passports to violating Nuremburg is offensive and antisemitic, according to who—the ADL. The erosion of civil liberty and imposition of tyranny at the expense of millions of lives is worse than the Holocaust. More lives have been murdered or irreparably damaged by the actions committed in the Wuhan lab and subsequent pharmaceutical agenda. So yes, the comparison is more than fair. In fact, it is warranted.

The list of degeneracies the ADL supports could continue as one litmus tests for other issues: Ukraine, immigration, gun control, and feminism.

Christian Post is abhorrent for propagating the liberal agenda of the ADL, and this is another example where they are worse than The Gospel Coalition. While Christian Post is not as significant as the SBC, the ADL is far worse than Guidepost Solutions. Guidepost is an average worldly firm. The ADL promotes censorship across the internet. They drive cancel culture.

Politics of Jewish Americans

American Jews are a politically liberal voting bloc. All the pandering the Republicans do for Israel and Trump did not exceed 30% of the Jewish vote, which ties Mitt Romney in 2012. Pew Research confirms this trend with a 71-29 Democrat majority, though notably finds that Orthodox Jews are 75% right-leaning, which is a sect that has grown with each generation along with nonreligious. 17% of Jews 18-29 are Orthodox while 41% are “No Branch,” which means nonreligious. Conservative and Reformed Judaism are on the generational decline in America. This polarized divergence presents a interesting realignment for American Judaism as population trends towards the opposite sects. Contrary to Michael Brown’s presuppositions, anything that would appeal to the majority of Jews would unlikely appeal to the Orthodox minority.

One of the Antisemitic tropes that ADL and Christian Post seek to condemn is that of Jewish political influence, but this is undeniable, as even Jewish Insider (a Jewish site) confirms:

50% of all campaign dollars donated to the Democratic Party are from Jewish funders, while 25% of donations to the Republican Party are provided by Jewish contributors. Take as an example, among the top 50 donors to the 2016 campaign, 11 of the top 14 Democratic Party contributors were Jewish, while 9 of the top 36 Republican supporters identified as Jews.

This is not to say the other 30 top donors are upstanding characters, as they probably are not, yet it cannot be denied that Jewish people have a disproportionate influence in American politics. Most of these people probably are not religiously observant, especially if they are Democrats—statistically speaking. Nevertheless, this disproportionate influence is a powder keg for scrutiny as people become increasingly disaffected by the political process that actively works against them.


There has been great progress in 2022. The name George Soros is no longer taboo to associate with the rising crime and liberal DA’s across America. Via Tucker Carlson, even Fox News is featuring content acknowledging his political influence. It is now acceptable to contend that America is not a Judeo-Christian Nation, but a Christian Nation. As America First and Christian Nationalism rise in America, the pro-Israel, Neoconservative partisans will become politically homeless. It offers an affirmative political vision for Americans to get behind rather than a Nihilistic worldview that blames Jews for the demise of Western Civilization.

If America is either Revival or Bust, then we need to rid ourselves the fear of offending the ADL and being labeled antisemitic. If we are to reform America, then maybe The Church should take up Covenant Theology, just like the founders at Plymouth Rock.

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  1. Great work. In today’s pluralistic society, clear and concise theology that rejects Judaism’s false salvation is needed more than ever.

  2. dispensationalism will die off with the boomers.
    the rapture is supposed to happen 80 years after 1948… if their prophecy fails, the false prophets must be condemned

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