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TD Jakes

TD Jakes, Dharius Daniels Headline Prosperity Mega Conference

Last month, Evangelical Dark Web reported on how TD Jakes was passing the torch to his daughter, who is a formidable brand of her own. Now TD Jakes is an announced headliner at the Pathway To Prosperity Mega Conference. TD Jakes is arguable the most watched pastor in the United States, and perhaps the world. Additionally, Dharius Daniels is Big Eva pastor whos been around the conference circuit, preaching at various megachurches.

The conference is marketed towards black Americans, a fact made plain by its announced speakers and booked musical acts. TD Jakes is listed at the top of the ticket, next to Grant Cardone, the only white male in the lineup. Grant Cardone is a well known scientologist. Jakes is listed as a “CEO, Author, Philanthropist” rather than a pastor. Likewise, Dharius Daniels is listed as a “Spiritual Leader, Coach, Entrepreneur.”

The conference will focus on six main topics: real estate investing; life insurance leveraging; becoming your own bank; tax and estate planning; stock investing; multiple streams of income. TD Jakes and Dharius Daniels at best are only qualified experts on multiple streams of income. These men built their wealth by becoming celebrity pastors, not by investment. But they are at this conference to draw crowds and add spiritual legitimacy alongside an avowed scientologist.

The conference is selling out despite a super expensive price tag, ranging from $497-$4997 depending on the package you select.

If you ever needed proof that these men were in it for the money, here you go.

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