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He Gets Us Campaign: Does Not Matter If Jesus Lived A Perfect Life

The He Gets Us Campaign is the brain fart of Big Eva institutions with more money than sense. Over $100 million has been spent on a media campaign to make Jesus relatable with vacuous short videos. The result is dismal engagement, hardly any subscribers, and a lot of money down the drain. Yet since the exposure that Evangelical Dark Web did back in March, more content has come out.

A short video titled, “Role Model” is tied to an article “Did Jesus struggle to be a good role model?” The article begins by stating that there exists two opposing views on Jesus.

Some believe Jesus lived a perfect life. For others, that’s a stretch. Either way, as we searched for themes to share, it became apparent to us that Jesus set a high bar for himself and for others. He taught things such as: love your enemies, forgive those who’ve intentionally wronged you, and don’t judge others. Easy in theory. Tougher in practice.

There is no “either way.” Either Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, or He didn’t. The teachings of a man who otherwise claims to be God are irrelevant if the figure is not God. There’s a reason why Christians disregard the teachings of Joseph Smith and Muhammad. They are false prophets. If Jesus were a liar, a liar when claiming to be God, then there is no merit in holding to the latter teachings or having any reverence for someone born in Bethlehem.

He Gets Us may proclaim that Jesus lived a perfect life, an answer I received in their chat service, but they disregard this premise as secondary to his teachings on judging others, compassion, and forgiveness. The perfection of Jesus is part of the person and work of Jesus Christ. This is essential to salvation, therefore essential to His mission. It should not be discarded as an optional parameter for accepting His other teachings (that are misconstrued by He Gets Us.)

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  1. I read through their topics section and how discouraging! Most of the time they told some of the story and left off the “difficult” parts. I couldn’t agree more – no one should point others to this website or any of their materials as having any value. It’s way too squishy. Ironically, and I think we agree on this, Jesus was never squishy.

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