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Justice Denied For Parkland Shooting Victims

One of the most high profile failures of the justice system this month and perhaps all year is that after four years the Parkland shooter, Nicholas Cruz was finally sentenced, and that a manchild was spared capital punishment. As someone who values rule of law and the right to a speedy trial, it is already a failure that this should take multiple years to adjudicate a defendant that was caught dead-to-rights. For comparison, Darrell Brooks, the man who drove his SUV through a crowd of high schoolers and old ladies at a Christmas parade last year is on trial now.

But a jury in south Florida refused to act biblically as it relates to the man who committed the Parkland Shooting. Capital punishment is prescribed for murder in Genesis through Deuteronomy, making it the only commandment given in the first five books of the Bible. This establishes what ultimately builds to an impeccable case for capital punishment being biblically just.

Darrell Brooks will also escape justice on earth, not because of his “sovereign citizen” defense, but Wisconsin disallows death penalty. The blood of the innocent demands justice, and God prescribes a proportionate system of justice.

Whereas the Parkland shooter event was used for a political agenda while bodies were still cold, justice was not ultimately achieved in this case. Because God’s law is good, even Nicholas Cruz was denied the mercy of facing a biblical penalty for the crimes he committed. Where are the prominent Big Eva leaders speaking out about the lack of executions, or are they too busy absolving women of the sin of killing their unborn?

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2 Responses

  1. I was watching some of the statements from students, as all the msm was carrying j6 coverage. Children were talking about running for their lives from an armed gunmen as congressmen were talking about running for their lives from unarmed people protected by armed guards (that could shoot if they wanted with no repercussions as we saw) for the upteenth time hours on end. Some congressfolk “ran for the lives” from buildings with no intruders! They literally could not care less about students being protected. And neither could the msm as courtTV was the only channel covering it. How anyone can think those people in DC care about them, protecting, or finding justice for them is beyond me!

  2. I used to be in favor of the death penalty. Now I cannot justify it as a Christian. How can I throw the first stone when I too am not without sin? Loving others is more needed in the world, and impossibly harder than we can imagine.

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