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Darrell Brooks Grounds

Darrell Brooks Makes Defense Of Abortion While On Trial For Murder

The Waukesha Christmas parade attack occurred during the aftermath of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, in which six people were killed by a vehicle that drove through a crowd of people. Darrell Brooks is charged with committing these murders and a litany of other crimes. Brooks has chosen to represent himself which has made for an interesting trial in which the accused has been caught dead to rights. Rather than argue reasonable doubt, Darrell Brooks has chosen to use the sovereign citizen defense, an anarchist legal theory that has never won in court.

Yet unwittingly, Darrell Brooks sounds a lot like the abortion proponents in arguing that the victim is not present to make a claim against him, in arguing for his motion to dismiss.

Obviously this motion was unsuccessful, but it does point out the disregard for human life that both Brooks and abortion proponents have. Because the victim of abortion cannot bring a claim against the mother, charges are not filed. Because this victim is not present, their Imago Dei is discarded.

Darrell Brooks is obviously guilty of murder and seldom shows signs of coming to grips with reality. Yet the disregard for human life that he demonstrates is ever-present in how our society views the unborn, including many in the pro-life movement who do not want murderers held to account.

So while we mock Darrell Brooks, let us remember his disregard for life when we see them in the abortion debate.

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