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Daniel Darling

Daniel Darling Wants You To Forget His Branch Covidianism

Daniel Darling is perhaps the next Russell Moore. William Wolfe, in contrast, is a rising star among the good guys. A rising dialog is being had about accountability for leaders and their actions during lockdowns, even in the church. Evangelical Dark Web never once supported lockdowns because they were both unlawful and unbiblical. We also maintain that it was sinful for churches to close down. We had all the information we needed at the time to reach the correct decision with wisdom and discernment. William Wolfe raised the issue of accountability for church leaders getting a lot of response, included Daniel Darling’s pushback.

The difficult times argument fails to hold up as churches were generally quick to grab PPP loans and peddle the government narrative. Additionally, Lifeway Research just published a study that showed pastors were more concerned about the economy in 2015 than they are now.

In reality, Daniel Darling is tacitly admitting he was wrong but refusing to repent of the pagan religion of Branch Covidianism he peddled to the church. In 2021 Daniel Darling would go on a press circuit telling the world that loving your neighbor means injecting poison into yourself. Additionally, he would join forces with Russell Moore to assist churches in becoming jab sites for their congregants. This initiative was funded by the Chan Zuckerburg Initiative. Daniel Darling sold out the church to peddle a poisonous salvation.

Calling this to account is neither quarrelsome or wrongfully divisive. Demanding repentance for sin is not divisive.

Evangelical Dark Web has gone after some of the signatories of the Biologos Statement, such as David Anderson. Additionally, we welcome the repentance of those who have a genuine change of heart. Instead, Daniel Darling’s response is typical.

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  1. Seeing a lot of calls for “unity” from the usual suspects. They are worried they’re going to get their due after the midterms. Of course they will NEVER stop virtue signaling, even in a pathetic bid to not lose their jobs. “Everyone is a sinner, so you can’t fire me!” Pathetic!

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