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Grant Hartley

Exposing Revoice: Grant Hartley Compares Coming Out To Resurrection

The Revoice Conference took place earlier this month, and while much of their content is hidden behind a paywall, they occasionally put out a webinar for the public. Last week, Revoice published a panel for “Coming Out Day” which featured Art Pereira and Grant Hartley. Art Pereira was the man pointed out for using a quasi-homosexual friendship as a substitute for marriage. At that time he was a youth pastor, now he is a Revoice staffer, indicating that the conference has financial stability. Grant Hartley used to work for Cru and now identifies as Roman Catholic. Nevertheless, he was one of the original Revoice proponents.

In the 2022 Revoice panel, Grant Hartley states that he has long compared coming out of the closet to death, burial, and resurrection. This hyperemotional metaphor is an example of how side b theology syncretizes homosexuality with Christianity. Side b theology asserts that homosexual identity can be merged with a Christian identity while maintaining that only homosexual sex is sinful. Side b theology denies that homosexual desires are sinful.

The Revoice panel celebrates Hartley’s analogizing his coming out of the closet with Christ’s resurrection, all while his metaphor falls apart when he backpaddles on the closet symbolizing death.

Death, burial, and resurrection are symbolized in baptism, yet homosexuality views coming out as a rite of passage, so Grant Hartley syncretizes one of the most important fundamentals of Christianity with a milestone for a sinful lifestyle.

This is coming from a guy who believes that his venture into San Francisco gay bars was a heavenly experience. The Revoice Conference is the spearhead for heretical side b theology to spread rapidly and overtly in the church. Evangelical Dark Web will continue to expose it.

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