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Frauds: LifeNews Opposes Equal Rights Protection For The Unborn

It’s not a shock that the vast majority of the pro-life movement opposes a biblical position on abortion, even when led by professing Christians, like the ERLC. LifeNews is no exception to this trend. Claiming Christ, Steven Ertelt is the editor of LifeNews, not to be confused with LifeSite News. Yet earlier this year, he would join Brent Leatherwood and a host of other supposedly pro-life organizations to sign a statement condemning a Louisiana bill that would classify abortion as a homicide. Essentially, they opposed pro-life legislation that conflicted with their feminist ideology.

So when Eric Swalwell put out an abortion campaign ad depicting a mother getting arrested in front of her unmurdered children, LifeNews took to Twitter to pretend that no pro-life advocates believe that position. This is factually untrue. In fact, majority of the pro-life movement believes women should face some legal penalty for abortion.

Apparently when you call out LifeNews, they block you rather than debate the facts or ethics. Yet, earlier this month, LifeNews published an article about a NICU nurse murdering seven infants. The narrative that LifeNews wants you to believe is that that nurse is a murderer, but the women who gets an abortion is a victim. In reality, both instances are murder, and both murderers should face consequences.

LifeNews is a scam, subverting the pro-life movement with feminism at the expense of Christianity. Steven Ertelt is a grifter and even worse, a male feminist.

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