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Is The Sean Feucht Exorcism Story Real Or Fake?

In the livestream Evangelical Dark Web hosted discussing Sean Feucht, we discussed a famous exorcism story we detailed in our research article on him. As a clip for those who might find long form content a deterrent, we posted a clip of this discussion. However, in that report we stated:

In his July 6th sermon “Worship is our Weapon,” Feucht recounts a firsthand account from a mission trip in India where he witnessed an Indian pastor perform an exorcism of a woman who was about to sacrifice children on a demonic altar. The Indian pastor conducted it as if it was normal and Feucht attests to witnessing the altar and observing the exorcism. He then uses the story of Gideon to contend that worship (i.e. the gathering of the saints) is a weapon that will overcome the demonic forces in our culture.

In the video we watch him tell the whole story. It’s important to note that Feucht was young at the time which allows for three distinct possibilities.

The first is that the story happened. This would mean that he’s telling the truth with some degree of embellishment of details.

The second is that the story is made up by Feucht for shock value in his sermon. This is very possible, and I have raised this possibility with Francis Chan for his sermon claims in the past.

The third is that Sean Feucht is accurately recalling what he saw, but he was deceived at the time. The finer details of his story telling indicate bamboozling as a possibility. The Indian pastor is calm, relaxed, and casual the entire time. He is confident in the amount of time he will take. And he acts like he does this everyday. It’s well established that Feucht lacks discernment; therefore how can he be expected to know that someone is faking a demonic exorcism to impress a rube.

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