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Mt Sinai Hosptial

Mount Sinai Medical Center: NYC’s Transgenderism Industry Leader

It is the duty of the Church to confront evil and demand repentance before a Holy God. The rise of Transgender Medicine as an industry must be confronted as the forces of the State, the healthcare system, and the education system all align against the reality of the biological binary that is sex and gender. There is money to be made as the treatments, surgeries, and constant medical follow-ups create a customer base that has grown substantially as so-called care providers initiate more youths into treatments, including hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and top surgeries, with utter disregard for the side effects and long-term destruction these rituals have on patients. 

This is a religion, and as Komodo Health’s data indicates, there has been exponential growth in recent years as new children become entrenched into this cult. The following chart highlights the trends in youths across the US based on health insurance claims.

The disparity between puberty blockers and hormone therapy can best be explained by the pricing difference between the two whereby puberty blockers are significantly more expensive than hormone replacement therapies. Hormone therapy costs at a minimum $1200 a year before adding the costs of clinical appointments. Lupron is a drug administered via injection used to treat prostate cancer and endometriosis, reducing the amount of testosterone in men and estrogen in women. It is prone to stopping menstruation. Though insurance might vary, the pricing I am seeing for Lupron-Ped (for pediatrics) is nearly $2000 per dose and it is not as common in pharmacies as the adult version. The fact there were no claims for top surgeries prior to 2019 reflects the recent “innovations” that have been adopted by this movement.

Another study by Jama Pediatrics estimated these numbers to be higher and estimated the total gender dysphoric youth at approximately 300,000. The study found that 21.1% had anxiety and 16.2% had depression, which means they are presumably being targeted for SSRI’s and other medications.

Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery (CTMS)

Mount Sinai is the sixth largest hospital system in New York, generating revenues of $2,683,766,080 and is centered in Manhattan. In 2015, there was no clinic of the kind in New York. Now, the CTMS has become the primary destination for the “transitioning” of children in America’s largest metropolitan area. Although they are centered in the big apple, their 2021 Annual Report heat map indicates that they have “patients” from across America. Mount Sinai functions as a one stop shop, utilizing its network and branches to groom children into customers at its surgery center. Their expressed goals for 2022 were to reduce wait times from 11 month by expanding their surgical team.

Mount Sinai does not breakdown surgical procedures by age. Nevertheless, Mount Sinai has seen an over five-fold increase in procedures which skews heavily due to a massive increase in “Feminization Procedures” (Male-to-Female), which accounted for 57.7% in 2016 to its 74.2% in 2021. According to the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, “Bottom surgery, or changing the genitalia, costs an estimated $25,600 for male-to-female patients and about $24,900 for female-to-male.” This indicates that this surgical program is generating revenues for CTMS in the tens of millions, as transition surgeries, rightfully called mutilations, include top surgeries, which are half the price of bottom, and facial reconstruction, which is designed to make dudes look more feminine. Facial surgeries could range even higher than bottom surgery depending on the degree of work. What the “surgical center” does not mention is that multiple surgeries are necessary with vaginoplasty. Daily Wire’s footage of Vanderbilt University revealed gleeful discussions of top surgeries costing $40,000 and bottom surgeries costing $100,000. The disparity in quotes between Philadelphia and Vanderbilt is best explained by the latter claiming total costs versus the former advertising a singular procedure.

By design, Mount Sinai does not identify patients they have who are under 18, particularly 15-17, when many youths might begin undergoing hormone therapy. The bulk of their patients are between 25-34, which would be millennials and those possibly entertaining mid-life crises. 1.1% are under 14, but it is unclear whether this identifies or skews explicitly trans as the two graphs below do not indicate over 1% for this age. Based on the scaling, it appears that they have fewer than fifty children under 14 in their system. This indicates that they are likely earlier in the grooming process, which is seen within their Adolescent Health Center.

Trans Masculine indicates females that want to become like men. Many of these women likely identify as “nonbinary” which might indicate that these girls are being groomed for eventual top surgery. It also reflects what social media has proliferated amongst younger generations.

The 25-34 range occupies the bulk of the males who feel pretty and there are fewer males as a percentage versus women who are under 25, yet numerically, where there are over 400 women in this age range, there appears to be fewer than 350 males, despite males making up the majority of their surgical base. Perhaps, this would imply that while women, through means of feminism and social media, are lured into this lifestyle in greater numbers at a younger age. Meanwhile, males appear to be drawn in at a later age, which is why numerically, there are more after age 25. Between both genders, the males are more intense with their surgical outcomes.

Relative to the females, there is a drastic difference in those over 44. Often when males that age undergo a transvestite lifestyle, it is auto-gynephilia, a sexual fetish where one receives gratification fantasizing themselves as a woman.

Adolescent Health Center

Mount Sinai has the Adolescent Health Center which is a steppingstone for the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery. The Adolescent Health Center is funded by the government with 78.6% of funds coming either from Medicaid or through federal, state, and local grants. It cannot be overlooked the intimate involvement government has in supporting this wicked industry. Surgery is the ultimate upsell, as it achieves a massive sale and surgical payday and subsequent post-operation consultations. To achieve this, the AHC grooms the customers into their ecosystem. This is the clinic children would go to for psychological counseling that youth can receive without parental consent and potentially receive a diagnosis of gender dysphoria which the CTMS might require to initiate hormones or puberty blockers. In addition to providing “mental health” services and performing clinical care for things like STD’s, HIV, and other diseases, they specify the following under Transgender Care:

Transgender care:

Puberty blocking prescriptions, to suppress the body changes that happen at puberty

Feminizing and masculinizing hormone treatments prescriptions

Preparation for future surgical interventions and referrals to the • Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery for surgical procedures

Lab and clinical monitoring

While Mount Sinai is ambiguous to whether they perform surgeries on minors, on their adolescent health page, they specify referrals to the surgical center. Regardless, they still groom and indoctrinate minors for mutilation, and they also provide hormone treatments and puberty blockers, specifying Lupron:

Medical Transitioning

There are several stages to medical transitioning.  Some trans people don’t do medical transition, while others may use hormones and surgery in transitioning.  Each person has to decide the right course for their life.

If a young person is approaching puberty, puberty blockers like Lupron can stop anatomical puberty.  Puberty blockers are hormone-blocking agents which keep a person from developing the sexual characteristics of their assigned sex. These are physical attributes such as breast development and menstrual periods for someone assigned female at birth, or broader shoulders, an Adams apple, and a deeper voice if you are assigned male at birth.  If you decide not to transition, you can stop taking puberty blockers at any time, and you will then go through puberty. Stopping puberty eases the transition if transgender young people later go on to use cross-gender hormones.

Cross-gender hormones are the next stage, which allow you to take on some of the secondary sex characteristics of your true gender.  Usually young people don’t start cross-gender hormones until age 16, although they may start at a younger age.

Most people wait until they are 18 to 21 to start surgical procedures.  You may decide you don’t want to have surgery, or you only want to have certain procedures.

Basically, the process works by starting with puberty blockers, moving on to hormones, and then surgery. They do not indicate at what age they would permit such treatments, only that the average for hormone therapies is 16 and surgeries typically happen after 18. By stating “most people wait,” they leave their policy intentionally ambiguous, yet one can only assume that there are exceptions as most does not mean all. Given that 1% of their clients are under 14, perhaps the reason surgical procedures for minors are irregular or not performed at CTMS is because the sales/grooming process takes too long to convert a pubescent child to a surgical victim.

Given the price tag of Lupron and proximity in NYC, it is possible Mount Sinai administers injections  in a clinical setting—in other words, another appointment, which means more revenue. The mere mention of Lupron, an expensive pediatric puberty blocker, is the same tactic in sales as mentioning the higher priced item or the product with a superior commission.

Bella Avanessian: Demonic Surgeon

Dr. Bella Avanessian is one of two primary plastic surgeons listed at Mount Sinai CTMS. She has been working in transgender medicine since 2017. In a 2020 interview, she detailed her initial exposure to this “medicine.” What started off as an elective turned into her career. After being exposed to outpatient transvestite adults, she then was exposed to children and teenagers, which she found “incredibly compelling.” Seeing the transformation of children and parents was extremely interesting to her, drawing her deeper into the surgical field.

The surgeries were just so interesting and complex, and I was drawn to that. There was a lot of creativity and art that goes into making things symmetrical and beautiful, but also it challenges you as a surgeon to basically follow all the principles of plastic surgery and respect the tissues and tissue planes and perform beautiful dissections, keeping everything safe, so that’s when I knew I really wanted to get into transgender surgery.

Avanessian was already a believer in the cult but was lured into performing the surgeries because she wanted to recreate these people or help them recreate themselves. She is not discussing facial reconstruction after a car accident, but elective mutilation and facial surgeries to effeminize male facial features. Only a perverse mind finds the results of these surgeries beautiful and not offputting. Even Blaire White, who sadly is called “passable” looks rough and one can tell that surgical work was performed. The “transformations” is what motivates her, not the science or the medical results, but the creativity. This is a post-modern approach to medicine, where one places the perceptions above the medical necessity or reality of a patient. Avanessian possesses a god-complex to recreate man and call it good.

Sadly, this demonic woman is a mother to a young child.

Jess Ting: Surgical Pioneer

Dr. Jess Ting is the surgical pioneer of the sexual reassignment surgeries at Mount Sinai. He has been platformed by the New York Times and various other media outlets for his participation in surgeries. This is the doctor that brought gender mutilation surgery to New York. While he does not claim to have had any de-transitions patients, he nonchalantly details the intricate nature of penis surgery which requires a year of procedures and constant medical interventions. He states that it takes a minimum of three surgeries to achieve, and it is common for complications to occur, but if one did not provide these invasive mutilations, the patients would resort to self-harm.

Other Characters:

Dr. Joshua Safer is the head of CTMS and is a supposed expert in endocrinology, which is relevant to hormone therapies and puberty blockers. He has most notably been a supporter of men in women’s sports and providing “accommodations” to dudes as they smash the athletic daughters.

Dr. Tamar Reisman is an endocrinologist who notably is the first in medical journals to document lactation (breastfeeding) with a male patient that was induced by hormone therapy.

Dr. Lucky Sekhon is an OB/GYN at Mount Sinai who does IVF while being vehemently pro-abortion—not that one can perform or undergo IVF and call themselves pro-life. Sekhon is known to say an embryo is not a person. She also does advocacy with the ACLU.

Doctors John Steever and Matthew Oransky are two of the pediatricians who work with youths. During an interview with Outcasting Podcast, they both affirm the underlying social justice motivation that draws them into this field. These two are the professional groomers who seek to transition children with puberty blockers and hormones. In part 2, Steever states that he is comfortable claiming a child of 14 years is capable of making decisions regarding cross hormone therapy. in other words, Steever and CTMS are prescribing hormone therapy to 14 year old children. Oransky, being a lispy-queer psychologist, employs the mentality that gender-dysphoric youth will kill themselves unless they receive these treatments and affirmation.

Marci Bowers operates a similar clinic out of San Francisco and was an early financier of the CTMS. Mount Sinai has a surgical fellowship because of his endowment. He is a transvestite surgeon and has much clout within the Rainbow Jihad.


Healthcare in America, and globally, is broken. No amount of academic knowledge overcomes the Rainbow Cult, just as it did not the  Branch Covidian cult. The same doctors who denied inexpensive, lifesaving treatment to Covid patients and pushed the poisonous jab by means of coercion are the same types who gleefully mutilate patients who require genuine mental health counseling, or worse, suffer from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, in which the mother is the culprit 76% of the time.

Sadly, Mount Sinai oversees the Icahn School of Medicine, named after billionaire Carl Icahn, which means future medical professionals will be subject to their indoctrinations. Mount Sinai is one of the largest mutilation factories in America and has aggressively moved into this space, but it is not the only one. Because the industry is profitable, there is a wave of entrants, both from established hospital systems and specialty clinics, each with government support unless legislators decree otherwise.

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  1. There was a young woman who was a cutter, usually borderline personality disorder. They cut themselves, usually in a particular area, but she was cutting everywhere and I’m sure, as hard as it may sound, she also cut herself in the areas we can’t see. And they cut of her breasts! Satanic. People cut not because they want something cut off of them, it’s to release pain (the physical pain relieves mental pain), and they need intensive treatment not encouragement. I fear that most of these docs are in it for the money; same with the hospital as elective surgeries are what they make the most money on and usually what keep them out of the red.

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