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Watch: This Sex Change Surgeon Especially Loves Mutilating Kids

If you ever needed more evidence that the doctors who attempt to transgender children as well as adults are debased minds with a god-complex, look no further than Dr. Bella Avanessian, a surgeon with the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery (CTMS). During Evangelical Dark Web’s research on Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, an industry leader in transgenderism, we uncovered this demonic clip by Dr. Avanessian. Evangelical Dark Web reported on this clip:

Dr. Bella Avanessian is one of two primary plastic surgeons listed at Mount Sinai CTMS. She has been working in transgender medicine since 2017. In a 2020 interview, she detailed her initial exposure to this “medicine.” What started off as an elective turned into her career. After being exposed to outpatient transvestite adults, she then was exposed to children and teenagers, which she found “incredibly compelling.” Seeing the transformation of children and parents was extremely interesting to her, drawing her deeper into the surgical field.

The surgeries were just so interesting and complex, and I was drawn to that. There was a lot of creativity and art that goes into making things symmetrical and beautiful, but also it challenges you as a surgeon to basically follow all the principles of plastic surgery and respect the tissues and tissue planes and perform beautiful dissections, keeping everything safe, so that’s when I knew I really wanted to get into transgender surgery.

Avanessian was already a believer in the cult but was lured into performing the surgeries because she wanted to recreate these people or help them recreate themselves. She is not discussing facial reconstruction after a car accident, but elective mutilation and facial surgeries to effeminize male facial features. Only a perverse mind finds the results of these surgeries beautiful and not offputting. Even Blaire White, who sadly is called “passable” looks rough and one can tell that surgical work was performed. The “transformations” is what motivates her, not the science or the medical results, but the creativity. This is a post-modern approach to medicine, where one places the perceptions above the medical necessity or reality of a patient. Avanessian possesses a god-complex to recreate man and call it good.

Sadly, this demonic woman is a mother to a young child.

This video clip has surfaces after Boston Children’s Hospital had numerous clips surface featuring bubbly doctors talk about mutilating children.

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