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Ben Shapiro Christianity vs Kanye West Christianity

Earlier this week, Ben Shapiro claimed that Big Pharma lied about the effectiveness of the Covid jabs against transmission, in a monologue about how the lies of trusted institutions has eroded public trust. Meanwhile, Kanye West has been canceled for saying Jews control the media, along with espousing some sort of Black Hebrew Israelite ideology. So what do these topics have in common? These topics are an interesting flashpoint in which intra-Christian debates have mainstreamed themselves. Team Evangelical Dark Web was joined by Berean Babe to have a provocative and biblical discussion. Ben Shapiro was once of the fiercest regime proponents on the right. He not only supported the jabs but was vitriolic against those who rightly expressed skepticism early on.

Ben Shapiro’s flip-flop can hardly be credited to new information. The topic of breakthrough infections was being widely discussed on the right eighteen months ago when the media was trying to suppress the fact that the jabbed get infected at all, let alone have higher viral loads. So Ben Shapiro is late to the party.

Even worse, Ben Shapiro does not show even remorse for lying to people and encouraging them to take ineffective and unsafe drugs. When he says he was wrong, this is based on the pretense that he’s the victim of being lied to and passing the information along. This falls flat in terms of accountability. Ben Shapiro is doing exactly what Big Eva is doing.

Meanwhile, Kanye West is getting canceled for stating that Jews have an outsized influence in the media, to the detriment of black people. He equates the Holocaust with abortion, a comparison that we debate heavily. Are they equitable? Does the democratization of evil make it worse?

Kanye West is not articulate, but exceedingly well-meaning and genuine. It’s clear that his personal experience in the industry is a major influence.

Yet the rule that Jews are above collective criticism and reassessment when blacks and whites are not is a double standard. Kanye used a wild first world problem example to drive home the point that he’s allowed to talk about (white) women silencing black men but not Jews. The cancelation of Kanye actually furthers the point he makes about Jews controlling the media.

Additionally, the alleged, though visible, drama at the Daily Wire between Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro begs a question of why conservatives are so opposed to asking the same questions that Kanye is asking. I argue premillennial dispensationalism has a major role to play.

The redefining of antisemitic by the ADL will have all Christians labeled soon enough, and Kanye is akin to Christian figures, like Andrew Torba, who do not care about the label.

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2 Responses

  1. I was once a very strong believer in premillennial dispensationalism. Once I learned that it is a tool to control and subdue Christians my eyes were opened to see most issues, including this one, in a completely different light.

    It’s said often, but If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.

  2. Ben Shapiro in on record saying he considers Jesus Christ to be the son of a whore and Roman soldier. Too many “Christians” will side with the Talmud and the State of Israel over the very word of God.

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