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The Based Manifesto: Defining What It Means to be Based!

These days, words get thrown around carelessly in our political discourse. Such overuse, especially as terms become coopted by larger, mainstream individuals eventually leads to the death of the terminology. This has been seen with terms like snowflake, racist/bigot, and even the infamous Karen all undergoing dilution to triviality, with the former most being dated in political discourse while the recipients of the middle insults no longer heeds these words effective.

In recent years, the term Based has arisen on the right, initially denoting a sense of providential truth to a given idea. Unfortunately, the term has been coopted by others to imply that anything that dissents from the left is based. Many have called trans-humanist Elon Musk based in his pursuit to purchase Twitter and his general support of free speech. Figures on the right are described as based when they hold beliefs contrary to providential truths. For example, pundits like Steven Crowder are not based simply because they exist on the right. Daily Wire and Based should not be used in the same sentence as being against the left is not based. Though rational, Based is affirmative and proactive, not reactive. It stands not against degradation, but for fundamental truths that engender human prosperity and a virtuous people. In many ways, the Venn Diagram between what is Based and what the left derides as Christian Nationalism is a single circle, or one with heavy overlap.

Without proper definition, this term too will find itself in the dustbin of the English language. Let us now take the opportunity to define what Based means by providing a set of general principles that must be adhered to be Based.

BASED on GOD’s Word

Romans 1: 18-20 states:

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

All truth is God’s truth. His word is preeminent. Creation reveals His truth, which is also inscribed into our hearts. There is no facet of one’s life where His word does not apply, and one’s politics reflects one’s heart. Through creation, we know what the truth is. We know that there is only Male and Female, that marriage is for procreation, that abortion is murder, and that sin begets further sin which left unchecked becomes disastrous for the entire society.

By understanding the basic premise that Man is fallen and bent towards evil, we must acknowledge that there is no attainable utopia in this world. There is only preservation of the basic truths that enable the general flourishing of society—one generation passing the torch unto another. Sin is sin because it bears negative consequences, both for our souls and in this world. The temporal effects of sin, while capable of short-term gain, will eventually yield disastrous fruit. Porn erodes societal masculinity and rewires the brain similar to an addictive substance. Adultery destroys marriages. Fornication cheapens sex, degrades women, and statistically correlates with divorce. The breakdown of the nuclear family, partially triggered by feminism, has had disastrous damage on the upbringings of Americans, who then pass the mistakes of their parents unto their children. Unchecked human greed leads to shortcuts (often at the expense of safety), financial ruin, and the degradation and commoditization of human life. This is a cyclical reality we have endured through the fallout of the financial crisis and the Big Pharma Industrial Complex murdering untold human lives through perverse medical experimentation. Theft, spurred by coveting, violates property rights. Many in society turn a blind eye to theft as they desire to steal that which one man earns through merit to give to another through the power of the state. The bearing of false witness leads to murder at the worst levels. Even average instances of public deception are frequently employed to obfuscate aforementioned sins, slander individuals, advance wicked agendas, or validate iniquities.

All legislation is designed to promote morality. There is no such thing as moral neutrality. The question then becomes, whose morality is being imposed? The Old Testament accounts the Israelites in their endeavor of self-governance in the Promise Land, and it was a recalcitrant failure with periods of revival in between those of depravity. Leaders who led their nations towards God prospered while those who led the people astray led to societal suffering, yet whichever direction the kings veered, the people followed. Thus, the magistrate who presides over the people is a thermostat to their subsequent morality.

The left takes no issue pursuing their moral ends. They redefined marriage and gender to suit their ideology, unfortunately with the capitulation of those “on the right.” They seek to enshrine the child sacrifice that is abortion through, and in recent cases, beyond gestation. They stripped man of his bodily autonomy, demanding that he submit to the salvation of ineffective and poisonous jabs. They demand that children be sexually groomed in public schools via the curriculum and feel increasingly emboldened to do so without parental consent or by force of the state. They call the mutilation of children proper medicine, and through the state this medical barbary is financed and perpetuated. There is no area left untouched where they do not seek to impose their morality.

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. 2 Corinthians 5:19.

The Based individual recognizes this reality and responds by seeking to impose His morality upon society so that it would not suffer the consequences of wickedness and decadence. We are called to be ambassadors for His kingdom. This means we reflect His standards in our conduct, demonstrating regeneration as new creations. This applies to our daily activities as well as our politics. What is repugnant to God should be so to us. Therefore, in attaining political power we should seek to govern in a way that reflects the ultimate righteous standard of God’s Law.

It is Based to seek the complete abolition of all abortion, not making exception to rape or incest, nor should pretending that the women who murder their children are victims when they are cognizant to their decision. It is Based to seek the strictest means of punishment, up to and including death, for child predators. One is not Based if they espouse the binary reality of gender yet acquiesce to preferred pronouns, nor is one Based if they do not support the prohibition of surgical gender “reassignment.” A Based society promotes the biblical sexual ethic, mindful that marriage between one man and woman, with no fornication, is what is best for societal flourishing. That is why even totalitarian regimes antithetical to God, like Communist China or the Soviet Union, were strict against homosexuality, as they understood that widespread sexual degeneracy correlates to societal decay. Even Hollywood understood this in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, which is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, where the grimy condition of New York City was directly correlated  with the sleezy, sexualized underbelly of Manhattan. This is natural revelation. Therefore, it is Based to fight against this tide, whether incrementally or holistically, provided that there is no satisfaction in half measures.

Apart from the fact that such an “emerging awareness” does not establish a “fundamental right” the statement is factually false. States continue to prosecute all sorts of crimes by adults “in matters pertaining to sex”: prostitution, adult incest, adultery, obscenity, and child pornography. Sodomy laws, too, have been enforced in the past century…involving prosecution for consensual, adult homosexual activity.

Antonin Scalia, Dissenting Opinion, Lawrence v Texas

As Scalia recognized in this opinion, the slippery slope is real. As he predicted, the fallout of Lawrence v Texas, which was only in 2003, led to gay “marriage.” Calls for legalized prostitution and state enforced child abuse through transgenderism all take root from this decision. Though not by the state itself, society has normalized adultery, pornography has become widespread through the internet, and incestuous and group-sex relationships are platformed by social media/clickbait sites like Snapchat, which targets youth.

While Scalia contended that it was not the place of the court to legislate morality, he advocated for this to be done on the state level. It might be impossible to return the genie to his lamp, but it is worth finding out whether it can be done. After all, sodomy laws existed only twenty years ago. Yet unfortunately, too many would accept the liberal premise of “what two consenting adults is their business.” Even now, the current Republican Party platform, unchanged since 2016, condemns the Obergefell decision and calls for its reversal. Let us not soften our beliefs merely because society has embraced new depths of liberal ideas.

BASED on Family First

Genesis 1:27-28 declares:

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Going back to Genesis and the Garden of Eden, the family is God’s fundamental unit. Following the flood, the individual nations arose as the manifestation of this Dominion Mandate, distinguished by their head patriarchs, but eventually after many generations, a nation became defined to include its geographic region, shared culture, or common language. Nation-states are the imperfect fulfillment of this mandate, providing a domineering earthly system in which the Dominion Mandate can be fulfilled in a method capable of punishing man in his sins. Kings ruled over their domains as shepherds to their flock, ideally seeking the abundance and prosperity of their people.

With global fertility reaching all time lows and domestic marriage ages reaching all time highs, this represents a threat to the long-term prosperity of our nation and our posterity. It is also a rejection of our purpose in life. The LORD instructs us to be fruitful and multiply yet we reject this through abortion and delayed family planning. The world would have man and women fixated in an artificial state of prolonged adolescence, engaging in promiscuity late into their twenties, and deferring or subverting their natural calling to bear children.

After decades of the failed War on Poverty and the Great Society initiatives, our government has destabilized the nuclear family through its welfare initiatives and tax structure. Likewise, Feminism and the Sexual Revolution further normalized No-Fault Divorce and promiscuity, creating generations of Americans raised in broken homes. In our modern iteration, the tax code does little to incentivize the nuclear family. Sure it offers credits for children, but the code is designed for the benefit of the globalist corporations through subsidies, tax cuts, and credits. One might argue that America needs a more competitive corporate tax rate to create jobs, but the reality is that corporations will use the money saved to repurchase shares via the stock market. This is not to say that it did not benefit small businesses, but the corporatist arguments fall flat claiming that the S&P 500 should receive tax benefits, especially as these corporations promote many of the degeneracies degrading our society.

The BASED response to this has been to implement Natalist policies. Marriage and childbearing should be encouraged by society. This means both the church and state should be promoting this as the ideal. In Deuteronomy 20:7, it is viewed as the greater responsibility that a man should marry and bear a child through his wife, thus excusing him from participation in warfare for a time. Child tax credits are just the start. Structuring the code so that nuclear families benefit more than broken homes when filing taxes should be the ideal standard. Instead of incentivizing the accumulation of unsecured student debt, policy should instead incentivize family growth and mitigate the factors that are unfortunate objections to childbearing—whether legitimate or not. With the real estate market, this represents a deterrence to family growth, as younger generations are becoming priced out of the real estate market. Policy should be tailored to allow new home construction to face fewer regulations while curbing foreign investment in domestic real estate. Interest rates should be low to make housing affordable for the Middle Class. School choice policies should be promoted. Government spending should be viewed as the primary inflationary driver, and thus fiscal responsibility from the state is necessary for the prosperity of the middle class.

The idea of having a family as a civic duty is Based. Domestic policy should be designed to incentivize the fulfillment of the Dominion Mandate. In turn, the nation will flourish.


One of the primary methods the left and globalists have utilized to effectuate change is through demographic terraforming—mass immigration. This has often been dubbed Replacement Theory but has become an increasing reality across The West. There is a reason democrats ignore the ongoing border crisis—it buys them votes. An influx of migrants come north from the third world, enter America (legally or otherwise), then receive welfare to which they then eventually vote democrat to maintain. Democrats then use this acquired power to implement their wicked agenda and perpetuate their political apparatus. Yet it is not just in America this transpires. Across Europe, mass importation from the Middle East and Africa has yielded similar fruit, much to the favor of the globalist agenda. Amidst declining fertility and heightened secularism, European nations are increasingly reliant upon this immigration to subsidize their population growth. European parliamentary systems, which are all to the left of America, largely preserve the status quo and most parties are disinclined to promote reforms which might curb this problem. Thus Brexit was a victory achieved on a referendum that would never have been achieved through parliament. Mass migration eventually will create a system disinclined to adhere to the people.

As a result of Replacement, nations lose their national identities as the replacement population has virtually zero connections to their new region and its foundational legacy. Moreover, they would become susceptible to propagandic perceptions of their new homeland, like Critical Race Theory, which give them false presuppositions of their nation’s pasts, causing them to despise the heritage. Their assimilation will be one where they are taught views antithetical and hostile to western civilization. The Assyrians and Babylonians would relocate conquered populations to new lands to remove them from their heritage and break their regional connections in order to maintain submission. This strategy was effective then but has been used by the State to import populations docile and unwilling to challenge the system. In both cases, this strategy mitigates potential rebellion. It creates a compliant populace that is easily controlled.

This is the most secular aspect of being Based. Mass migration inflicts social strain both through increased criminal behavior and financial burdens upon the people. In America, the porous southern border allows drugs (like fentanyl) and sex trafficking to cross over into America. Strong nations enforce strong borders. This has always been true, even going back to ancient times.

Being Based is not limited to just supporting a strong border and deporting illegals. Most Based individuals go well beyond that into advocating an overhaul of the immigration system entirely. This means severely restricting the number of legal immigrants or outright implementing a moratorium against immigration. There is no reason Big Tech companies employ H1-B visas when there is an abundance of qualified workers in their talent pools. It is simply a cheap source of compliant labor. Universities should not be taking foreign endowments, mainly from China, where they then train up Chinese nationals and build up America’s rival.

Americans should be proud of their legacies, as other nations should their own, assuming there is something praiseworthy. Students should not be taught to hate their land, but to embrace the values which led to its generational success, which unsurprisingly corresponds to biblical principles.


Most disgracefully, the modern nation-states have largely rejected this Dominion Mandate, ruling towards the benefit of the worldly interests juxtaposed to those of the people. Rather than for resources and wealth, wars are fought for the profits of corporations and the sustainment of related industries. The industrial revolution made war a business in which battles are fought not for conquest and the benefit of the aggressing peoples, but for the destabilization which then fosters future conflicts.

Trade deals are negotiated to the benefit of multinational corporations, not domestic workers. For this reason, America First became a chief mantra for Donald Trump, which has since been grown into its own movement, but this should not just apply to America, but Germany, Russia, Mexico, and Great Britain. As Trump proclaimed at Davos to the World Economic Forum, “America First does not mean America alone.” Each nation should place her peoples’ interests above the globalists and the corporations.

Trade deals should benefit domestic productivity, not corporations whose interests transcends that of their host nation. Wars should be fought for conquest or the acquisition of resources strategic to the interests of the people—not the sustainment of a wartime industry or destabilization which then manifests the nefarious agendas of the Deep State. The Middle East and Africa are not playgrounds; they are lands of people made in the Image of God and their nations. The US-Mexican War resulted in the Mexican Cession, which was a net
positive for both America and humanity. Andrew Jackson conquered Florida to
quell the Seminoles, eventually leading to its purchase from Spain. 
In our modern enlightenment, we critique colonization and blood for land, yet the fruit of these endeavors were net positives, unlike the fruit of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which yielded no benefit for Americans or their native peoples.

Colonialism and mercantilism are Based, as that is one nation collecting harvest off another for the benefit of the “Mother” nation. There is nothing wrong with imperialism provided the people of the host nation profit from the spoils. Such was the norm for humanity. Two competing cultures cannot coexist, nor can a weaker culture be equal to its stronger neighbor without sufficient compensating difference. Imperialism allowed for the spread of culture, commerce, and technology. It has allowed the Church to carry out the Great Commission where it had not been done before.

Efforts since World War 2 to decolonize, thanks to FDR’s Atlantic Charter, have been disastrous for the underdeveloped world. Would not Africa be better off under European control, where the colonizer nation would demonstrate more concern for the well being and prosperity of the colonial subjects rather than allow them to be abused by corporate interests (Bill Gates) and regional factions? Alexander the Great Hellenized the world. Rome likewise expanded its societal reach. The British continued this into the New World, establishing their tradition in America. Likewise the American flag, symbolizing freedom, is waved on the streets of Hong Kong where former British colonists cry out against their oppressors in Beijing.

Based foreign policy is nation first, not expending national resources for the benefit of corporations or the administrative state’s interests. Foreign policy must be conducted for the interests of the people. War is serious, so it should not be flippantly levied.


Patriarchy is Based. God ordained male headship from the beginning, first creating Adam, instructing him of the tree. It was Adam who was held responsible for sin, not Eve, as Adam outwardly defied God whereas Eve was deceived. Thus, Original Sin comes from him, and is rectified through Christ.

To quote the great Jack Nicholson in describing women, “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.” Reason corresponds to logic, where men are generally more rational and logical creatures than women, who are more prone to nurturing and empathy. Accountability is generally experienced by men, who are the primary fighters in our wars. Within the penal system, men generally experience more stringent punishments than women.

Accountability must be instilled in men for a strong society. For a comprehensive breakdown on Feminism and its effects on humanity, there is the Anti-Feminist Manifesto. To summarize a primary theme, feminism seeks to effeminize men and androgenize women. Effeminate men create hard times. They act as women emphasizing emotion over reason and skirting accountability for the subsequent fallout. Strong men are required for reform. Society must breed strong men. This extends not just towards outward appearance, though morbid obesity is itself unmasculine, but also to inward mindset.

The Hellenistic view of education was one of Mind, Body, and Soul. For the mind, you will find through classical education—reading literature and learning trades, tailoring education not towards indoctrinating liberal ideas like feminism but practical matters through which one can support a family. Read a Federalist Paper. The diction utilized by our Founding Fathers is far more complex than that employed in modern discourse or that which is taught in public education. The body can be chiseled through the gym. There is much emphasis on physical labor, particularly agrarian labor in some Gab circles, as self-sustainment is commendable, and many find it rewarding. For the soul, that should be molded by the bible and the church. No longer should churches ask “where are the men” with their soft-spoken, manbaby pastors who appeal primarily to women. Churches should be equipping attendees with hard truth through strong language, preaching conviction over emotional placation, and emphasize direct confrontation over platitudes. In other words, churches should cultivate masculinity through solid foods, not breast milk (1 Corinthians 3:1-3). Society cannot change the soul, but it can deter and punish the worst elements of human nature.

Going back to being pro-family, this means fatherhood and motherhood should be lauded. To foster genuine masculinity, pornography should be restricted by the state, as this pacifies and entraps men. Abortion should be outlawed completely and criminalized. Child support should be rigorously enforced. Promiscuity should be deterred through shame. Feminism should be rejected, both in the church and society at large.

Instead of peddling complementarianism, push patriarchy instead. Men and women have different roles, and men embracing theirs is Based.


The purpose of the state can be seen in Romans 13:1-4:

Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil. 

During Covid, no chapter was more abused in order to promote effeminacy and tyranny than Romans 13. There existing no authority but that which is God given indicates that the LORD is the ultimate magistrate and all those lesser magistrates are subservient to Him. Therefore, they should govern as if they work for God.

The reason there is an affinity for Governor Ron DeSantis is because he understands this. Ultimately, the authority comes from God. The magistrate’s duty is to reward good and punish evil. For this reason, God has bestowed this authority. Unfortunately, leaders, even those we elect, do not wish to punish evil. They were perfectly content letting prisoners out of jail and back onto the streets over a cold or through legislative reform. Too many would rather serve the masters of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Baby (that is the march for life), or Israel—who each reward in this life, but neither offers eternal life. They pretend that they cannot effectuate an agenda because of excuses including the constitution, “we’ll become like them,” corporate personhood, “just build your own,” “that’s not possible,” local rule, and the need for a big tent.

No more excuses. Based leadership means action, not impotence. Since God has granted authority, it is up to the sword bearer to execute against those who do evil. That means issuing executive orders where legislation falls short. That means legislating away Disney’s perks because of their depravity. For generations, the politicians have sold out for different masters instead of the One who matters most. Promote what is good. Punish what is evil. That is the essence of Based leadership.


This list is incomplete as to what constitutes Based. Those who adhere these things also subscribe to other beliefs that are similarly based on truth. One could write a treatise against central banking and FIAT currency and their detriment to society and promotion of endless fiscal irresponsibility and needless wars.

Movements are based on ideas which then formulate themselves into platforms. They must be protected against those who would coopt them for different masters or pursuit of their personal enrichment. Failure to safeguard the term Based might have it end up as a synonym for conservative, in which it has been coopted by social liberals who spend their days owning the libs and conserving nothing.

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