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Top 3 Issues Facing The Church According To Dr. Russell Fuller

Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to upstate New York to a men’s retreat hosted by Jon Harris and Grace Bible Church. Dr. Russell Fuller was the headliner of the event and would be teaching on Jeremiah’s ministry throughout the retreat. This was a highly encouraging event in which I got to fellowship with godly men, hang out with Jon Harris, go fishing with AD Robles and learn from the wisdom and genius of Dr. Russell Fuller.

You may remember that in 2020, Dr. Fuller was a whistleblower to the liberalism that was going on at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Fuller is a foremost expert in ancient Hebrew and an expert Old Testament scholar.

At the retreat, there was a Q&A panel discussion in which I submitted a question that got answered. My question was: What are the top three threats facing the church today? In what order? Dr. Russell Fuller gave the following answer:

  1. Critical Race Theory
  2. Side B Theology/ Revoice
  3. Feminism


My top three would be identical to Dr. Fullers, but my order would not be. In any case, it’s clear that he understands the times we are in.

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3 Responses

  1. 1. Weak cuckold men as “leaders” and “pastors”
    2. Direct control of church via Deep State/regime
    3. Idolatry of blacks, Jews and perverts

    1. I think your #3 is covered in the list. The others on the panel talked about effeminacy, as you do.

  2. Some other ideas:
    1) Compromise
    2) Not separating from unBiblical teachings/teachers
    3) Loyalty to the Bible and watering it down plus giving attention instead to people’s opinions about the Bible

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