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Answering Neil Shenvi’s Objections To Christian Nationalism

Neil Shenvi was one of Big Eva’s preferred voices to combat Critical Race Theory in the church. He was specifically chosen because of his unwillingness to destroy Critical Race Theory. He supported Resolution 9 and believed that it has valuable insight. After being incredibly weak on the issue of Critical Race Theory, Neil Shenvi has spoken up on the topic of Christian Nationalism. It’s unclear how opposed he is to it, but his followers seemingly are. On Twitter, Neil Shenvi asked five questions of the movement, that seem largely inspired by Stephen Wolfe.

Let’s tackle them one at a time. On the question of interracial marriage there is no real opposition. This is a red herring, in part created by Wolfe’s views. Nonetheless, interfaith marriage is a real pressing concern in the church.

As for the exclusivity of white people, this is a canard. While a Christian Nation should require assimilation of immigrants, there is no requirement that they be white.

As for freedom of religion, ideally it would be freedom of the Christian religion as the colony of Maryland developed. While this would include Catholics, it would also prevent the civil magistrate from encroaching on ecclesiastical authority. Realistically, in the United States it would mean returning to a more originalist understanding of the Establishment Clause.

Christian traditions such as our holidays are already imbedded in American law and culture. This should be to the exclusion of other faith holidays, in a Christian nation.

AS for the means of achieving it, there is no doubt that we must rely on democratic means to achieve these ends. Christian Nationalism is about bloc voting to win primaries and then general elections in order to align our law to a more biblical standard. Bloc voting is the means, not violence. We will use bloc voting to achieve government power and then use the sword to punish evildoers.

The questions Neil Shenvi are not difficult to answer for a Christian Nationalist.

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3 Responses

  1. The only nationalisms allowed in the church are Zionist (Israel), black (BLM) and pervert (LGBTQ+++++)

  2. In a biblical world view, “Race” based on melanin content is false. Christians believe God created all the human race from one man, Adam. Men have organized themselves into tribes (often by language). There is nothing evil in Christian Nationalism, although evil men could co-opt it and distort it.

    1. Too bad God’s Word says nothing whatsoever about nations and the directive of discipling nations, oh wait….

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