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Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson Promotes Homosexual Relationships

The Revoice Movement to push Side B theology in the church has many internal inconsistencies. The one underlying consistency is that they believe the physical act of sodomy is exclusively sinful and deny that homosexual desires are sinful. From there, debate abounds about whether homosexuality is compatible with the Christian identity and whether homosexual relationships are sinful. Greg Johnson in an interview with a Swedish ministry, Apologia (not to be confused with James White and Jeff Durbin), came out in favor of gay relationships within the Christian faith.

Weeks ago, Greg Johnson announced that his church intends to leave the Presbyterian Church in America. His church, Memorial Presbyterian, hosted the first two Revoice Conferences, making him the most controversial figure in the PCA. Despite numerous attempts to disqualify him as an elder, Johnson remained defiant until his announced decision to leave the PCA.

This interview came off as a progression of Johnson’s Side B theology, as he naturally moves down the pipeling towards becoming affirming of homosexuality, otherwise known as Side A.

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