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Sean Feucht perform

Kenneth Copeland, Sean Feucht Bring Cringe To Trump Rally

One one hand, Donald Trump is finally bringing support to a Christian candidate like Doug Mastriano. On the other, Donald Trump lacks discernment in who he platforms to achieve a political end. Aty a last minute rally in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump hosted a rally bringing Kenneth Copeland and Sean Feucht to the show. Now, Sean Feucht has been a known ally of the Mastriano campaign for months. Kenneth Copeland, on the other hand appears to be Trump’s indication that his idea of a good pastor has much to do with audience size.

Sean Feucht is known for his numerology and New Age practices, that he learned from Bethel, but his pretending to loose arrows on the ground is an extra amount of cringe.

Kenneth Copeland gave a prayer and then went into a boomer political rant, overstaying his time on the microphone by a lot.

Donald Trump has never been known for hiring the best and preachers are no exception to this trend.

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