Money Talks: How Mitch McConnell Screwed GOP Senate Candidates

The midterm election cycle was rife with disappointment, as favorite candidates and brands on the right failed to live up to expectations and the Red Wave, that became a Red Tsunami going into November 8 turned into a Red Mirage or a Red Disappointment. Although every election is unique, there are several macro trends that […]

Culture War Pushes Ron DeSantis To Massive Reelection Victory

With many of the results of the 2022 Midterm elections outstanding at the time of this writing, one victory that is going to be the focus of Christians moving forward is the DeSantis reelection landslide in Florida. This is a state that in 2018, Ron DeSantis won by slim margins, nearly losing to a meth […]

October 2022 EDW Report

October was a big month for Evangelical Dark Web, a month of continued growth. We covered a lot of heavy hitting stories with big personalities. It started with Doug Wilson and Costi Hinn, but we also covered Sean Feucht, Kanye West, and Dallas Jenkins of The Chosen. In October, Evangelical Dark Web was part of […]