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Ron DeSantis

Culture War Pushes Ron DeSantis To Massive Reelection Victory

With many of the results of the 2022 Midterm elections outstanding at the time of this writing, one victory that is going to be the focus of Christians moving forward is the DeSantis reelection landslide in Florida. This is a state that in 2018, Ron DeSantis won by slim margins, nearly losing to a meth addict homosexual. Yet as governor, Ron DeSantis has become America’s Governor, governing in the quintessential swing state as though he were in the reddest state in the country.

Running on culture war issues, Ron DeSantis flipped Democrat strongholds in the state, defeating Charlie Crist by 19 points or 1.3 million votes at the time of this writing.

One point of skepticism of Ron DeSantis is that he has never really been an election overperformer, either as a Congressman or during his 2018 gubernatorial campaign. This objection has been blown out of the water.

As Donald Trump used valuable time at rallies for Pennsylvania candidates to take pot shots at DeSantis, DeSantis has emerged from this election victory as a major contender in 2024.

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