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What Is a Biblical Paradigm For Dating?

In one minute Brandon Durham of Dominion Dating explains the purpose of dating.

“Dating should be a wise intentional pursuit of marriage, but not just modern ideas of marriage. It should be a wise intentional pursuit of purposeful marriage . So, that’s what dating is. It’s the pursuit of marriage. The paradigm for marriage, though, the original paradigm, is Genesis 1. God made them male and female. He blessed them. So, God gives His high and holy blessing to marriage and it’s a purposeful marriage, not just, “let’s go travel the world with our two puppy dogs.” It’s be fruitful, fill the earth, and have dominion. That’s the paradigm. It’s fill and fashion God’s world according to God’s way. So, that’s missing right now.”


This is a question I asked during Evangelical Dark Web’s Helping Chads Find Trads livestream about the perils of online dating. This was one of the less offensive portions.

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