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Trump DeSantis

A Mighty Fortified Election

In a livestream on the 2022 Midterms, we break down the results as we know them, dive deep into the nitty-gritty of Trump vs DeSantis, and do a review of some dank memes. Many Evangelical Dark Web readers may be unaware of the plentitude of political writing the preceded the founding of this ministry. Included in this were in depth primary election breakdowns, similar to what my partner has done this year.

Our disdain for Dr. Oz as a Republican candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania never waivered despite however unpopular this position became. This position has since been vindicated, as Philadelphia didn’t need to take days to count the votes as pre-emptively announced as the rural base of Republican support underperformed.

Otherwise it was a Red Disappointment, with the highest watermarks being Ron DeSantis and the yet to be confirmed Arizona and Nevada victories. Should Kari Lake win, the ballot measure on voter ID, will similarly pass, securing Arizona’s future elections.

The Real Political Realignment

This election proved my post-2020 election analysis correct, when I wrote:

I have often said that white Christians have far more in common with nonwhites than they do woke whites. And 2020 election results validate this. But with Trump we see that political bases are mercurial by nature. The Trump bravado that alienates white women attracts black and Hispanic men. Why? Because unless you’re a David French type, men recognize that their are more important things than mean Tweets.

The culture is rife with division, ultimately a division not according to gender, but a division on what it is and means to be a man or a woman. The Satanic side that promotes transgenderism also wants to emasculate men and destroy the femininity of women. The other side does not. It’s composed of men who want to be men and women who want to be women. And for men, the choice to be on the side of masculinity is not only a moral obligation but a means of self preservation against a culture that seeks to emasculate you.

In 2020 single women would be a deciding liberal voting bloc. Though Overturning Roe may have cost the Republicans a Red Wave, it was undoubtedly worth it.

Election Security is Job Security

Perhaps, you have heard it said in sports, “Ball security is job security.” In politics, election security is job security. The Democrats are content to fortify elections and their efforts paid dividends once more in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Arizona is being extra fortified as I write, but Kari Lake may win beyond the margin of cheating.

Election integrity is a major issue we need to look at in 2024. The states that manufactured ballots  need to be shored up. Georgia has made an effort to this outcome. Florida had prior to 2020, which is why Broward County was relatively tame. Arizona election security is on the ballot, and Nevada has hope of reform with Republican control. Pennsylvania went Democrat harder. Michigan remained blue, and a winnable Wisconsin race fizzled.

In the midst of Trump’s unprovoked attacks on Ron DeSantis, it’s worth pointing out that DeSantis has a better path to victory that is less “fortified” than Trump. With election integrity gains, I believe that the floor for DeSantis is 269

The floor for Trump is 236.

The floor is a DeSantis victory by Congress and a Trump defeat. Trump has a unique appeal to voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. But these voters did not turn out enough in 2022. These states could simply run the same playbook in 2024 as they did in 2020 because they’ve faced no consequence.

Any discussion on 2024 needs to be centered around a pathway to victory. It’s clear that Trump’s pathway to victory is too “fortified” whereas DeSantis has a more secure path by not relying on penetrating the blue wall and instead targeting sunny states with election integrity.

Unfortunately, it looks like we are in for an ugly primary process.

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