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How Feminism and Abortion Impacted Midterm Elections

One of the most pervasive ideologies threatening the church is Feminism. From its tree bears the heretical fruits of Side B Theology, Critical Race Theory, and the egalitarian encroachment at the pulpit. Whether outward or internalized, Feminism drives all three.

Throughout 2022, we have reported on the demonic nature of the College Educated Female Voter being the only demographic that democrats improved upon since 2020, favoring the liberal party by a +38 margin. Moreover, 36% of college educated democratic white women believe men can get pregnant. The political divide in America is Feminism vs. Femininity and Masculinity. In a midterm cycle where abortion measures were on the ballot, all of them passed with heavy support by women, who simply want to murder children.

On the Mighty Fortified Election Stream, it was discussed the impact of abortion on the Midterm Elections versus the economy. Historically, men have traditionally voted with their wallets, which is why there have been gender gaps in previous cycles, particularly Trump in 2016 and Obama in 2012, where there were double digit gaps between men and women voting patterns. This same predicament appeared in 2022 where women came out vehemently in support of democrats.

NBC Exit polling in Michigan demonstrated that women were the primary drivers behind both Covid-Tyrant Gretchen Whitmer’s reelection success and the Michigan’s recognition to the “right of abortion.”

Abortion Prop 356.7%62%49%13%
Gretchen Whitmer54.5%62%48%14%

Gretchen Whitmer’s margins slightly underperformed the idolatry of abortion, yet the exit polling disparity between men and women support for both are identical, with only 1% more men favoring infanticide than Whitmer. Meanwhile, abortion measures in Montana (where Ryan Zinke underperformed Trump by 7%) and Kentucky also passed by narrow margins. While there is no exit polling breakdown on those races, the gender disparity in abortion support along with libertarianism are the likely culprits behind the victory for baby murderers.

Unmarried and Untethered

Of all people, Charlie Kirk warned against the zeal of young women flocking to the polls in support of Democrats and abortion, which mitigated the Red Wave into a Red Ripple.

CNN Exit Polling found that 68% of unmarried women broke for the Democrats in this cycle, whereas married women is virtually equal and within margin of error. These women tend to be younger, as the average age of a woman’s first marriage is 28.6. Within white voters 18-29, 58% broke Democrat in this cycle, doubtless skewed by unmarried, college educated women. Inclusion of minorities would only further skew the young vote as older generations voted GOP in this cycle.

When women are unmarried and pursuing their own glory, via Feminism and abortion, the worst outcomes follow. Whereas those who have taken up their biological calling broke Republican in this cycle, the opposite was seen for those without responsibilities and commitments.

This is not merely politics, but this drastic and demonic nature of the modern woman impacts society and future generations. Feminism is anti-male and anti-family. As the age of marriage drifts higher, this attitude of living it up in the twenties will increasingly yield singleness in the thirties or broken relationships and broken homes in the future. Promiscuity correlates with divorce and while a carnal man might be enthralled having relations with a whore, that does not mean he would put a ring on her and settle down. Just like vehicles, men do not want to marry a woman with high milage.

Even if they choose not to murder their child, the unmarried mother with an out of wedlock child might support another’s “right to choose” or simply vote to maintain welfare benefits from the State.

Overall, the political disparity between men and women will deter the formation of relationships into families for the future as two out of three women are Democrats and have internalized feminism. This is especially true for black women.

This transcends politics as a spiritual plague amongst our society. America’s state is either Revival or Bust. Reversing these trends requires masculinity from the pulpit, not internalized feminism.


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  1. None of this “analysis” even matters as long as Democrats can harvest ballots to steal whatever elections they want

    1. Stealing elections takes a lot of work though. Why else are Arizona and Nevada taking so long to count?

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