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Steven Crowder

Christian Conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder Champions America’s Gayness

Steven Crowder remains the number one YouTube conservative YouTube channel. He is also a professing Christian. In the wake of the US Men’s National Team replacing American imagery on their soccer uniforms with homosexual iconography to play in the Middle East, Steven Crowder champions America’s progress in equality for homosexuals and transvestites, unironically touting America as morally superior in this area to the Middle East. Both on his daily show and on Twitter, Steven Crowder raised the following point.

This tweet is a massive L. First of all the United States has not done more for the homosexual/transvestite/pedophile movement. Canada basically has apostasy laws against biblical counseling to these people. Greece just jailed a soccer player for opposing child mutilation. And who can forget the reputation of France?

Secondly, Crowder uses their language to define the issue. Their acronym is deliberately designed to confuse and make abominable sins seem innocuous.

Thirdly, how the Middle East deals with homosexuals is not an affront to justice. The Bible criminalizes homosexuality, and so did western civilization until recent decades. Kings in the Bible are commended for dealing with the male prostitute problems. America does not have the moral high ground on this issue, in any capacity.

Professing Christians need to stop adopting enemy premises on this issue, and Christians need not be ashamed of what the Bible says on homosexuality. Steven Crowder is wrong to champion America’s sin as a means of owning either the liberals or the Arabs.

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4 Responses

  1. Sounds like his being a Christian is fake news. The alphabet gang isn’t a community. It’s a legit gang. A mob, even. Why else are they trying to destroy the lives of Christian bakers?

  2. “Christian” as in celebrator of conservacuck freedumbs 🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️

  3. Already was witnessing this behavior back around 2018/2019 with the Owen Benjamin crowd. Crowder was mocked for always wanting to dress up and for other tell-tale signs. Anyways not that I am still part of that crowd anymore since I’ve grown, I used to hold a similar attitude like crowder in regards to Tommy Robinson and somewhat affiliated people (some notable blonde) Lauren Southern… Anyways they were handing out “allah is gay” pamphlets to anger “and own” the muslims in the UK. I was so deluded into thinking that was a win. Not that they know the true God, but it was still very wrong to even suggest God was gay. That was so wrong and that was before I was saved. Knew not what I did. But I believe that is what happens when you focus too much on politics and identities and not the scriptures. Lesson learned and it’s funny to look back now.

  4. To be fair: I no longer listen to Crowder any more; I saw the weakening of his Christian image years ago, besides the whole recent childish public fighting with Trump hating Shapiro. But this tweet of his doesn’t say he is pro LGBT, just says America is a top champion. And it well may be, as so many in our country have lost moral compass. I can’t find ANY pro (but actually anti) LGBTQ.

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