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Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson Preaches Truth at Berean Baptist Church

In a post-midterm sermon, on November 13, 2022, North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson delivered his message on Numbers 13 before the congregation of Berean Baptist Church in Winston Salem, NC for what was their 42-year celebration service.

In recapping the elections, he compares the injustice given to Parkland shooter Nicholas Cruz to abortion, condemning Montana and the NC governor who rejected measures to curb it. Robinson declares the church is for mercy, but the state is for justice.

After this, his message focuses on Number 13:32 (KJV):

 And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature.

Robinson’s sermon emphasizes the distinction that the pessimistic report the 10 spies gave was evil, rebuking translations which soften their report as “bad.” He calls the Message a “mess” and rebukes the “mistranslation” of evil to bad of this verse. As an aside, the NKJV and NASB both use bad, not evil for this verse. Semantics aside, there is something agreeable to his message when Robinson states that it is evil to deny the power of God, who delivered them out of Egypt but could not beat a few “giants.” Robinson contends that the Israelites “denied His power right to His face when they had seen it.”

Robinson compares that to the early colonist at Jamestown in 1607, which is two years reminiscent of 1609, who arrived to a land of disease, starvation and hostile people, yet in trusting God, that settlement that gave way to America. Robinson contends that because they were Bible Literate, they overcame their early struggles.

He extends this to the Civil War, rebuking the modern political sentiment that we have never been so divided. Robinson contends that they were shooting at each other, yet because they were biblically literate on both sides, they were able to move past the Civil War. I might push back that America’s divisions are worse than they were in the Civil War and that it is the State that is targeting the dissidents to the regime.

Shifting towards World War 2, Robinson discusses how the Japanese thought Americans to be weak and lazy, only for the biblically literate American populace to retaliate following Pearl Harbor.

Robinson contends that because they were biblically literate, they were able to overcome their giants.

Robinson then argued that since the 1950’s, TV and the rise of popular culture drove the decline in biblical literacy experienced today, stating that “instead of listening to the Bible, we were too busy listening to The Beatles.”

I want you to know the lieutenant governor was voted in by the people of North Carolina but I have been ordained by God Almighty and it is for His will and His word I will work. I’m not going to lay down to you or anybody else and I am not going to believe your evil report because that’s what’s wrong with this country right now we believe the evil report. As Christians, we have become so weak and jellied back.

Robinson then condemns, though not by name, the “drag queen preacher” Isaac Simmons who moonlights as “Ms. Penny Cost” that was ordained by a United Methodist “Church” before rhetorically asking what is the purpose of bringing that “drag queen out of that club and [bringing] them down here to the library and [dragging] these children down here to come see it.”

Focusing within the church, Robinson rebukes churches that allow men to dress like thugs with their pants hanging low and women for dressing promiscuously because they do not want to hurt somebody’s feelings. He even condemns churches that look the other way for the gay person on the choir just because he brings in parishioners.

He concludes his message by emphasizing Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His eventual return to judge the nations; therefore, we should stand up at the school board meetings and “walk like we understand the God we serve is more powerful than any Giants that we see standing in the land.”


Mark Robinson is a rising star on the right, not because he plays the part of Token Republican, like Tim Scott, but because he is a man of conviction who stands firm on social issues and in his faith. Moreover, his presentation is electrifying and very much of the style (or stereotype) expected of a black preacher, except rather than preaching carnality like Mike Todd, brings hard biblical truths on salient issues. He can be emphatic with his voice and is certain to grab the attention of a room. One does not have to worry whether he will bend with the wind or sway with the culture as he is unapologetic in his conviction, which is far to often absent in supposed Christians who take up high profile offices, like Asa Hutchinson and Mike Pence. Even as he is being speculated to run for Governor, an election that would take place in 2024, Robinson has not softened his tone to become more “electable.” Instead, he is doubling down that Christ is King. We need more politicians like Mark Robinson, who would be as a Joseph and Caleb, rather than another Hutchinson.

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