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Cameron Bertuzzi

Apologist Cameron Bertuzzi Converts To Catholicism, Begs For Money

Cameron Bertuzzi fancies himself as someone who exposes people to the rational side of Christianity. His YouTube apologetics channel, Capturing Christianity has 150,000 subs. In a recent video, Bertuzzi announced that he had officially converted to Catholicism. However, this major theological announcement was dwarfed by an elaborate plea for money.

According to Bertuzzi his ministry is in need of more Patreon subscribers because Capturing Christianity is losing $3000 a month! Over the past year, Bertuzzi has been operating at a loss which he claims is not sustainable.

Digging a little deeper, the Capturing Christianity Patreon account has 564 patrons with plans ranging from $5 a month to $150 a month. At an estimate of $15/per patron less Patreon’s commission, Bertuzzi’s ministry nets $8000 a month on Patreon alone. According to Social Blade his YouTube channel makes about $12900 a year as a high estimate. Evangelical Dark Web’s experience is that the high estimate is far closer to the accurate amount and we make far more offensive content that can’t be monetized as much on YouTube.

All this is to suggest that a ministry that the net revenue is north of $9000 a month before getting into one time donations, super chats, super thanks, YouTube members, or merchandise.

Whatever fiscal irresponsibility could be going on for this ministry to hemorrhage $3000 a month is beyond us, but the grift is strong in Bertuzzi.

Belief in the Papacy

Bertuzzi has been doing Catholic vs Protestant debates for a while, interviewing James White. He contends that he has been convinced by the argument surrounding the truth of the papacy. Next Easter he will be officially confirmed as a Catholic. 

Bertuzzi’s Past Liberalism

There were enough reasons to doubt the sincerity of his faith. Much of his content promotes famous heretics like William Lane Craig. In October 2021, during the height of jab mandates, Bertuzzi did a panel discussion with “Christian” “experts” shilling for the jabs which has aged like milk and got ratio’d on YouTube. He was also woke in 2020.


In the world of Apologetics, there is often little discernment. The most famous apologists are often heretics like William Lane Craig and Sean McDowell or men like Ravi Zacharias. This is in large part because many who enter apologetics lack discernment and are not secure in their beliefs.

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