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Jordan Peterson

Effeminate: Jordan Peterson Cries While Calling Israel Moral City On A Hill

Many people see Jordan Peterson as a the king of the Man-O-Sphere. 12 Rules For Life is a world renown self-help book marketed to men. Needless to say, many people idolize Jordan Peterson, but the guy is rather effeminate in real life. In a recent trip to Israel, Jordan Peterson breaks down crying in the middle of calling the modern nation-state of Israel the moral city on a hill that the world looks to.

“I think it is true in some real sense that the fate of the world depends on the decisions of the people of Israel.”

Two sentences later, he’s in tears.

Andrew Torba drew attention to this amidst Jordan Peterson being restored to Twitter and subsequently complaining about anonymous accounts.

In the clip Peterson is groveling to the Israelis about how great they are amidst the multitude of criticism. The whole world is looking to them as an example. As an atheist, he also said, “You show the world what a holy city could look like because we need it.” This was the sentence he lost his composure.

Jordan Peterson has been supported by many entities, even within the church and entrusted with teaching on the Bible, by some.

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2 Responses

  1. Crying doesn’t make a man effeminate. The Bible has many examples of godly men crying. That’s… overreaching. Not saying JP is godly. I don’t think he’s an actual believer yet, but I think he’s being drawn that way.

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