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Historical Hot Takes With Jon Harris

Jon Harris is a well known discernment YouTube channel that was an early mover in the fight against Social Justice in the church. His approach to ministry is both like a scholar and like a historian. In my first and hopefully not the last interview with him, we talk history, mainly American history. As history is a passion of the both of us, it was a good opportunity to get to show a side of us the audience is not used to seeing.

I first ask Jon Harris about the state of the church, specifically in an American context. Jon points out that the American church is largely leaderless in the face of the crises we are facing, a key distinction from other eras in the churches history in the United States.

We then discuss how and what history is taught in public schools. I raise that in my experience major gaps exist in what schools manage to teach students. But every American student is taught the Holocaust during World War II (poorly). We discuss whether it is better to not learn history at all than to learn it with a Marxist agenda.

A great deal of time is spent on the American Civil War, a subject liberal detractors use to attempt to discredit Jon Harris. We discuss the misconceptions around his views and the bloodiest war in American history.

We close out the interview with a more rapid fire approach to American history, discussing the best and worst presidents, the most over and underrated presidents.

Overall, this is a fun interview and worth a watch. (Audio version coming soon.)

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