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Died Suddenly

Review: “Died Suddenly” goes Malthusian on Covid Jabs

2022 has brought the rise of the phrase “Died Suddenly” which became the subject to countless clickbait articles describing the unexpected deaths of numerous individuals who were well below life expectancy, with those younger receiving more scrutiny than those in older age brackets. The more articles seen on athletes keeling over in sports along with other seemingly healthy youths dying of cardiac arrests has led many to connect the dots between the prime suspect: Covid Vaccinations.

Confronting this uptick in sudden deaths is Stew Peters in his latest documentary “Died Suddenly” which debuted on November 21st and has in excess of four million views on Rumble. Previously, we discussed his “Watch the Water” documentary connecting snake venom to Covid-19, which Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, and Merry Nass have all denounced.

“Died Suddenly” is not another “Watch the Water” and provides a succinct message on the Malthusian motivations surrounding the Covid jabs while thoroughly documenting the unexpected rise in blood clots following the mass experimental implementation of MRNA technology. Overall the documentary sticks to script, not straying beyond the premise for too long, while its 68 minute runtime is palatable. It does contain a fair amount of gore for those averse to human entrails and surgical procedures. There’s a lot of trippy music, creating an ambiance of how insane the world we are living in truly is.

Spoiler Summary

The documentary opens with a series of footage and explanation of Malthusian Theory, in which overpopulation will outpace ability to generate new resources. It plays a series of modern exhibits of Malthusian ethics from popular media, including the infamous Bill Gates “depopulate the world through vaccinations” quote.

It then shifts into the core premise of the film, the sudden increase in blood clots which embalmers have encountered. There is plenty of footage of the blood clots, including postmortem examination, where viewers will watch the clots pulled from the body. This occurrence is described as sudden and connected to the rollout of the Covid jabs. However, in what is the most shocking revelation of the documentary, it is the smaller clots that are the problem. The phenomenon of the tiny blood clots, which are described as coffee grounds or grains of sand flowing in the blood is the real concern.

The documentary goes on to connect the rise of cancers and lack of military readiness, linking it to the vaccines before bringing in Steve Kirsch to discuss what is in the vaccines (or the lack of disclosure). Steve Kirsch was once pro-vaccine, until he looked at the evidence of death and side effects, and is a staunch advocate against the jabs.

The last section of the documentary focuses on the sudden rise in miscarriages being astronomically higher than previously, along with an uptick in birth defects. The theme surrounding the conclusion of the documentary is depopulation.

The World Economic Forum and Bill Gates are identified in the middle as driving this, and there is mention of CIA mind control, but these are subjects not delved on for long.


For those who are uninformed, this documentary is eye opening, but for those who have been following, there is probably little new information brought to light. The glaring exception, and the biggest bombshell, being the tiny blood clots that are in the blood circulating as silent killers.

In sticking to script, the documentary does not touch on a number of other topics and concerns that have been raised. There is no connection made between the vaccine lots and death, discussions on the current state of the blood supply, or a follow the money flow chart. In many ways, this is the weakness of “Died Suddenly.” There is no conspiracy web like one might have guessed in a documentary made by those who, for better and worse, traffic in conspiracy. The depopulation agenda is made clear and the assertion that the vaccines are a bioweapon is the primary message.


The documentary is entertaining, and I would rate it a 7/10, with points deducted for the lack of new information brought to light for those well-informed. It is good, but not great. Overall, its potency remains to be seen as it circulates on the outer rim of the internet, relying on alt-tech for views. It is unlikely this documentary reaches those who need it most, but it is a step in the right direction, pulling to Overton Window towards greater scrutiny over the vaccines.

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