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Johnny Depp

Is David Sills The Next Johnny Depp?

Earlier this year we saw Johnny Depp win a major defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife who maligned him as a wife-beater, during the height of the MeToo Movement. This was in contrast to the Southern Baptist Convention going full MeToo with the Sex Abuse Task Force Report that promoted the Jennifer Lyell narrative. Big Eva has gone full #MeToo while the culture at-large no longer “believes all women” after seeing the weaponization of baseless charges repeatedly. While Johnny Depp was vindicated, David Sills is the most maligned man in the SBC.

Sills is dealing with Big Eva, not a local church, so he does not have recourse through ecclesiastical means, especially with people with a “believe all women” mentality. So he has filed suit in Alabama, a state with more favorable defamation laws than Mississippi. Earlier this year, Roy Moore won a defamation lawsuit for the claims that sunk his Senate campaign, in Alabama.

This could be a dramatic trial of similar proportions, as the truth will have its day in court. Baptist Global News stated:

The case as outlined by David and Mary Sills directly contradicts the narrative told by Lyell and widely accepted as truth.

Litigating this case publicly could cause extreme discomfort for some of the defendants named, forcing them to testify under oath about matters they have tried to handle discreetly. And now the two competing narratives of what happened between Sills and Lyell likely will add more fuel to the SBC’s internal debate over the nature and extent of sexual abuse as a real problem.

Apparently to them, this is the first significant challenge to the Jennifer Lyell victim narrative. There is no understating this lawsuit’s significant potential in exposing the corruption in the Southern Baptist Convention. If the Southern Baptist Convention is found to have defamed a man as a sex abuser who never even had a sexual relationship with the alleged victim, then the MeToo narrative of the SBC is blown up. The Southern Baptist Convention has an agenda riding on their self-imposed reputation as a hive for sex abuse and sex abuse coverups. David Sills is challenging this narrative, and if successful, he could do for the church what Johnny Depp did to the MeToo movement in the broader culture.


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