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Kanye West Too Based For Tim Pool, Walks Off Set

The faith journey of Kanye West has been a roller coaster to watch. What began as a cautionary tale about the negative pull of Prosperity Gospel preachers, like Joel Osteen and Rich Wilkerson Jr, soon transformed into a dangerous voice against the establishment. Kanye West has taken red pills and blue pills. The blue pills are the Black Hebrew Israelite ideology that Kanye West has articulated. Kanye West did a livestream with Tim Pool of Timcast IRL, last night, and would walk off the set, carrying out a threat he made on the show. Additionally, he also made some profoundly biblical points.

Kanye West appears to want to waste no time in vetting Tim Pool to see if this livestream is worth any more of his time, and jumps straight to the charges of antisemitism that have been levied against him. Kanye West reveals that he learned earlier that day that he’s under threat of arrest for tax evasion. He also details his dispute with Adidas and Gap. In the process he explains that you stop growing up the minute you become famous. Afterwards he had handlers, and these handlers meant him harm.

He talked about how doctors misdiagnosed him and wanted to put him on lithium, without disclosing to him the dosage amount. Milo Yiannopoulos chimes in by saying they wanted to Brittany Spears him, to which West replied, “They wanted to Michael Jackson me.” West has been routinely derided as bipolar or insane, when he was very lucid, calm, and articulate throughout the interview.

Kanye West threatened to walk off if this interview was like some of the others he had. Leading up to the climactic event, Kanye West talked about how losing all this money is God removing distractions in his life allowing him to see Him more clearly and serve Him more clearly. This is a very biblical response to the misfortune he has suffered by Jewish elites.

Tim Pool tries to disagree with Kanye but when Kanye quickly asks him who “They” is, Tim Pool says that it’s unfair to talk about it as Jewish people.

Tim Pool displayed a double standard throughout the livestream, wherein it was acceptable to make generalizations about black Americans but not Zionist Jews. And the only time professional provocateur, Nick Fuentes, even spoke was to push back on Tim Pool’s self righteous refusal to address whether the coincidences West points out are real or not.

A few weeks ago, Dave Chappelle gave a monologue on SNL in which he supported Kanye West and said that your not allowed to talk about a group of Jews in Hollywood. Kanye West has been starting the conversation.

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