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Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler Returns After Bizarre Leave of Absence

After three months of a leave of absence, Matt Chandler returns to preaching on Sunday at The Village Church. In late August, it was announced by the elders of The Village Church and Matt Chandler himself that he would be placed on a leave of absence for an issue that was never publicly explained. The stated reason was inappropriate texting with a woman that wasn’t his wife, but they also reported that both spouses were aware of the communication and that the woman Chandler was DMing was not the offended or reporting party. In essences, The Village Church elders ousted Chandler, temporarily, over something they refused to call a sin issue and had a pagan law firm investigate and interpret the matter for them. This was a gross violation of Scripture.

Because Side B theologist, Preston Sprinkle, was having Chandler speak at an event, Sprinkle came out and said that Matt Chandler was placed on leave for simply violating the “Billy Graham Rule” and that he was not canceling his friend.

An email reported by Protestia states the following announcement.

It was foreseeable that Chandler would be back before Christmas, and it will be interesting to hear what Chandler has to say about this bizarre episode in his ministry.

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2 Responses

  1. Chandler violated Scripture because he has no respect for Scripture. Him and Sprinkle aren’t Christians. If Chandler had respect for Scripture, he’d get a different job.

    1. I agree that Chandler is a false teacher, yet this incident risks setting a precedent for elders to oust good pastors without reproach.

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