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November 2022 EDW Report

Every month Evangelical Dark Web publishes an update on what’s going on in this ministry and the movement at large. November was a much slower month than the previous months. Things generally slow down for ecclesiastical news around holidays. November had both an election and Thanksgiving. But despite these breaks, traffic was still good. Towards the end of the month, things heated up, with the David Sills lawsuit and the ramifications of the (Dis)Respect For Marriage Act.

Quick Stats


Last month, I said we would work on a Tony Evans review. Hopefully this month, that will be completed.


November was an explosive month for the YouTube channel. I angered a lot of Catholics with my coverage of Cameron Bertuzzi, a YouTube grifter who converted to Catholicism. Some people do not like math or Protestantism, and I don’t care. To the irony of the Papist response, we gained a lot of subs covering Bertuzzi.

Additionally, we only had one livestream and a prerecorded interview with Jon Harris. In December we will do more. This week we have Dr. Russell Fuller. This should be highly informative.

Eva Awards

Last year, we had an end of the year award show, wrapping up 2021. This year we will do more of that. Perhaps you have noticed the polls that have been published for subscribers. There was apparently a lot of agreement for Grifter of the Year. We want more audience participation so expect more of these polls this month.

“Patreon” System

Evangelical Dark Web has a tier subscription service. A lot of competitors have this (a term of endearment in this case) and for good reason. The purpose of this is not to make the founder of this site rich. This is a labor of love and will remain that way. The fog of Spiritual Warfare persists for those of us on the ground. We need accurate reporting that mainstream Christian websites are not providing either because they simp for celebrities, sold out to liberalism, or both. Consider joining. This will allow access to all the Evangelical Dark Web has to offer, like polls for the next discernment verdict.


Soli Deo Gloria,


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