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Anthony Fauci’s Omerta

Missouri v Biden is the most important lawsuit initiated in 2022. Helmed by Trump-endorsed Senator-Elect Eric Schmitt, the outgoing AG of Missouri, and the Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, the initiative has been undertaken to sue the Biden Administration over its collusion and coercion efforts to censor so-called misinformation pertaining to Covid and lockdowns, Hunter Biden’s laptop and election fraud. The filing argues that the First Amendment cannot be circumvented through collusion or coercion of social media companies to censor undesired speech.

It is in this case that Anthony Fauci was subpoenaed for deposition on November 23, 2022 in the leadup to Thanksgiving. Fauci was queried on 63 exhibits, with most pertaining to emails, quotes, and news articles in which Fauci is either engaged in correspondence or quoted. The questioning pertained heavily to his knowledge of the lab leak and coordination with media to suppress this information along with his rhetoric on masking and hydroxychloroquine. Exhibit 2 dealt specifically with EcoHealth Alliance, in which Fauci displayed his uncertainty in both knowledge and association with Peter Daszak. Fauci and the questioner discussed the nature of Gain of Function research in which Fauci admitted there were exceptions given to 2014 moratorium on Gain of Function Research. When asked about whether he signed off on exceptions regarding specific contracts, he was vague in his memory.

As has been reported by others, there was a demonstrable pattern of Anthony Fauci feigning ignorance to specific information, claims made, or research used to justify his actions since the onset of Covid. Memory of prior actions were rather selective until the exhibit emails and statements provided a refreshment to his mind. This was recurrent throughout the deposition that the longstanding, outgoing Director of the NIAID lacks knowledge of the actions his agency commits. Maybe it is because he was “knee deep in trying to do things like develop a vaccine that wound up saving the lives of millions of people.” Discussions on “misinformation” was reduced to microchips in the vaccines rather than the inefficacy and adverse reactions, which unfortunately were undiscussed in this deposition.

Code of Silence

Unlike Bill Gates, there is unlikely an underlying depopulation rationale to Fauci. To paraphrase Dave Chappelle, when it is Italians, it is a mob, and this encompasses the nature of Anthony Fauci in his decades as Director of NIAID. Essentially, the government is a racket in which Fauci oversees the grants and allocates them to his preferred associates to their mutual enrichment. They get money on the front end while he gets paid on the back through royalties. Robert F Kennedy Jr even documented this in The Real Anthony Fauci where he described Fauci’s personal affinity for Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, which was publicly seen when Cuomo compared the two of them to Al Pacino’s signature character. Yet the final book published by Puzo, posthumously, was Omerta. In the mafia, this means refusal to cooperate or lend admission with authorities or outsiders unto death, a code of silence.

Such is Anthony Fauci in his longstanding career. Going into retirement, he will lie, gaslight, deceive, and feign ignorance against any inquiry while suffering zero consequences. He built his career rewarding allies for profit and will protect the industry he created against the heaviest scrutiny it has ever encountered. He created an entire racket out of America’s healthcare system. Like a mob boss, he saw the money to be made off the gays because homosexuality is both unnatural and unhealthy. Thus he facilitated the HIV/AIDS epidemic by offering the most expensive, toxic treatment called AZT to the profit of his colleagues, eventually becoming an ally to perpetuate the racket. The US Covid policy was an extrapolation of the AIDS playbook on a global scale, designed to the benefit of pharmaceutical profits during a black swan opportunity, which they orchestrated…

And what Italian mobster is complete without a legacy in popular media and celebrity culture. The Italian Mafia has made for the best cinema Hollywood has ever produced, and while the portrayal of Fauci’s mafia is a far cry from Scorsese, Hollywood has, for years, perpetuated the notion that Operation Warp Speed was the solution to any pandemic through movies such as Contagion starring Matt Damon and Laurence Fishburne, whose character is Fauci’s equivalent, along with World War Z, starring Brad Pitt.

They can subpoena him and make him testify, creating soundbites and content for opposition, but Anthony Fauci will go off into the sunset having received no accountability for his crimes. He will have protected his legacy of creating an industry. He will have embodied the Code of Omerta.

Be thankful there is an Almighty Judge he will one day stand before and receive his reckoning.

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