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Elon Musk

Elon Musk Attacks Branch Covidianism By Name

Elon Musk is perhaps the greatest antihero of our time. This comes with ups, downs, and a malleable nature. After sufficient goading, Elon Musk finally brought back Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone. The so-called Twitter Amnesty has been exceedingly selective, thus far. Undermining Musk’s free speech branding was the recent banning of Christian conservative rapper, Bryson Gray form the platform.

However, when Musk is on the right side of an issue, this greatly shifts the Overton Window. Elon Musk recently went after Branch Covidianism and the idol of personalized pronouns with this tweet.

More notably, he followed this tweet up with this gem.

Elon Musk said what Twitter previously would not allow a large audience to hear. He also used the term “Branch Covidians” signifying that this is a religion to these people.

Elon Musk recognizes that the devotion to Fauci is a religious fervor. Evangelical Dark Web was an early adopter to this term, as we are one of few Christian Conservative outlets that never peddled the Branch Covidian narrative in March 2020 or beyond. We were against the lockdowns on day one because that’s what discernment looks like.

The tide of popular culture is coming to this conclusion in droves and the prosecution of Fauci for his many crimes is now a popular issue, even if only secondary. The people want Nuremburg 2.0 on these cult leaders. Elon Musk is turning the popular sentiment of prosecuting Fauci up to eleven.

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