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Phil Vischer Goes Full Liberal: Clowns Al Mohler on David French’s Support of Homosexuality

It’s no secret that Phil Vischer has gone off the deep end on theological liberalism. This has been covered extensively in the past with his singing with Francis Collins and his tacit support of abortion and grooming. In addition to being known as “The Veggie Tales Guy,” Phil Vischer is a cohost of the Holy Post podcast, a liberal podcast with Skye Jethani. David French is a frequent guest, and his article defending the (Dis)Respect For Marriage Act was perhaps one of the least surprising takes resulting from the fallout. Many in Big Eva have come out and supported David French such as Joe Carter of The Gospel Coalition and Richard Land of Christian Post.

In contrast, Al Mohler would be highly critical of David French, and Phil Vischer goes viral in a Woke Preacher Clip about it. Ironically, Phil Vischer does win some points; however, there is no biblical justification for voting Democrat or supporting homosexuality in any capacity. According to Vischer, Al Mohler argues that conservatism is about conserving the “permanent things.” Vischer does a decent job pointing out how vacuous this definition is. The issue of legalizing homosexual marriage has provocateurs asking the question, “what are we trying to conserve?” because many in conservatism wanted to abandon the marriage issue altogether. This vacuous standard is but one fatal flaw in Mohler’s argumentation.

The other is more basic. Phil Vischer characterizes those who call David French a heretic as small voices, but classifies Al Mohler as a big voice granting credence to him as a thought leader for conservatives in the Southern Baptist Convention. Al Mohler, also being in the guild of Big Eva, does not cross the Rubicon of denouncing David French as a heretic. Therefore, he contends with French more on political theory than practical application of Scripture. Vischer points out that Mohler leaves Jesus largely out of it. Because of Al Mohler’s unwillingness to call David French a heretic, he is left arguing political theory, and Phil Vischer clowns him on it.

Much of what the Vischer and his two cohosts argue is a justification for voting Democrat despite how demonic the party platform and its politicians are. They argue that fighting for the biblical definition of marriage in the civil realm is subjective for a Christian. In advocating for Christians to have liberty to vote demonic, The (Un)Holy Post continues to live contrary to its name to pander to a liberal audience.

H/T: Woke Preacher Clips

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