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Franklin Graham Announces Support For Mike Pence 2024

Franklin Graham has built a reputation on being active in politics. His involvement with the Donald Trump campaign and presidency might best be described as sycophantic. Franklin Graham would go so far as to temporarily stoop to endorsing a Paula White book just to curry favor with Trump. Former Vice President Mike Pence was a VIP at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the press conference a local Fox affiliate asked him about the 2024 election and Donald Trump’s announcement.

Franklin Graham said that he was not a Republican, that he was independent. He then went on a rant about the state of politics being divisive and vitriolic. Graham stated that he is staying out of the primary process. He then praises Mike Pence’s service to the country and that he hopes that Pence’s service to the country is “not finished.”

Asked if “not finished” means he hopes he becomes President, Franklin Graham states that this is up to Mike Pence, since Pence has not yet announced his campaign for 2024.

Although this is not an endorsement, as an endorsement is typically an exclusive statement of support, Franklin Graham is supporting a Mike Pence 2024 campaign and rejecting a Donald Trump campaign pre-primary.

It’s worth pointing out that Mike Pence’s service to this country includes selling out to Rainbow Jihad as governor of Indiana and selling out to Branch Covidianism as Vice President.

Current primary polls have Mike Pence sitting at a distant third despite high name ID.

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