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Julie Roys’ Conference Looks Like A Disaster

Evangelical Dark Web regularly relies on its own newsgathering. However in the instance where we are heavily relying on other sources to the point where our reporting would not be original, we want to curate and give credit to those who broke a story particularly well. Protestia did an excellent job covering this story prior to Christmas, and the story is the disaster that Julie Roy’s conference looks like it will be.

Julie Roys is the founder of The Roys Report, a liberal church blog that aggregates Religion News Service as well as writes desperate hit pieces on male figures in the church. However, to make matters more interesting, Roys has routinely championed the issue of sex abuse only to, by her own standards, be revealed to be more guilty than the pastors she’s attacked on this issue.

Last year Evangelical Dark Web reported how Julie Roys wrote in her 2017 book Redeeming the Feminine Soul about how she was a spiritually and quasi romantically abusing a student under her leadership. This ultimately got her canceled from her own conference in 2022. But as Protestia reported last week, she’s invited her self back next year.

Julie Roys Criticizes Her Former Church for Allowing Chaperoned Pedophiles to Attend

By Paul Brown

Julie believes that abusers should never be allowed back into the church, but Roys’ own standard does not apply to spiritual abusers. In 2022, She was forced to pull out of her own “Restore 2022” conference after being accused of committing gross and creepy spiritual abuse against a young teen, which Roy then deflected and had to issue multiple apologies, and for which she is still being criticized by survivor bloggers over.

After attacking a church for creating reasonable, and stringent, accommodations to protect children so that a registered sex offender can participate in worship, it would turn out that Julie Roys announced her own speaking gig at her annual conference.

But wait there’s more!

Julie Roys Invites Notorious Racist to Speak at Her Conference

By Protestia

Unlike sexual abuse, spiritual abuse seemingly has a one-year shelf-life, as Roys has announced she will be part of the conference’s 2023 speaker lineup, along with notorious race-baiter Kyle J. Howard, who she has previously platformed and praised.

Protestia reported that racebaiter Kyle J Howard is slated to speak at a conference which he has no real professional qualifications for other than being a Twitter pundit. This is proof that the conference is a joke. But we also shouldn’t overlook Lori Anne Thompson’s presence. Thompson is the married woman who was committing adultery with Ravi Zacharias and proceeds to play the victim, in a move akin to Jennifer Lyell.

The hypocrisy of Julie Roys’ is stunning, and her willingness to continue on after losing credibility with much of her own crowd is brave.

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3 Responses

  1. Predictable since she and Kyle both are given to the false gospel of darwinist critical theory, where some are born perfect, other’s aren’t, there is no such thing as redemption, nor is there any need for a Savior. God’s standards and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, are thrown out the window. It’s all about the here and now of this life, with no concern for that which is eternal. All that matters is who is perceived to be the underdog, depending on whichever direction the moral relativist shifting sands of the world are blowing at a given time.

    That said, I don’t personally care whether or not someone has professional credentials. The authority to which we appeal is God’s Word, not our own resume. Call them out on their departure from His Word. Professional credentials are irrelevant.

  2. The description of KJH on their promo was a complete stretch, which is why that comment was made.

    1. I see, that makes sense. If they’re bearing false witness it would be relevant, as it could also be from the standpoint of challenging them on their own appeal to their own authority. My concern is that we don’t fall into the same trap they’ve fallen into themselves, and inadvertently end up contending according to the enemy’s terms, ultimately setting aside the supremacy and sufficiency of God’s Word in the process. And I know you share that same concern. Obviously that is why you are calling out the false prophets in the first place.

      Thank you for all you do, Ray, and God bless

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