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Gubernatorial Power Rankings 2022

2022 was a disappointment in the Red Wave that was unrealized, partially due to fortified elections, but a large share of the blame falls upon political malfeasance by the very party who stood to benefit from the intentional mismanagement and vindictive demeanor of America by the Biden Regime. In this second annual installment of Gubernatorial Power Rankings, we reflect on the political direction of America by ranking the Republican governors based on their performance throughout 2022 and their trend moving forward in American politics.

For obvious reason, those participatory in the hive mind of the Democratic party are excluded from this list, as there is little ideological difference to separate those who want child mutilation for 14-year-olds verses the democrats who thing 15 should be the proper age. The disparity is different so therefore is not worth discussion.

As a disclaimer, this list is a power ranking. The most positively impactful governors are positioned higher in the rankings. Factors like the size of the state matter, as not all states are equal in their influence. There is noted a trend towards local dominion on pertinent issues. To those who refuse to wield power or cede unto the localities, this negatively effects their standing. Action matters. Inaction is detrimental. Because 2022 was a midterm election cycle, electoral performance matters, as does perceived star power within the political realm.

28: Larry Hogan, Maryland (-2)

It is one thing to be ineffective as governor of a deep blue state because of the power imbalance, whereby the supermajority legislatures can override any vetoes; however, it is another to govern as the embodiment of the Uniparty. Hogan has long supported policies antithetical to conservatism and Christianity, from being pro-homo and signing into law the right of guidance councilors to transgender children, to his murderous Covid tyranny. All these factors predated 2022, yet in this past year Hogan’s legacy was secured. Following the defeat of his chosen candidate, Kelly Schulz, in the gubernatorial primary, Hogan and his disciples proceeded to manipulate the Maryland GOP to sabotage the campaign of Christian Conservative Dan Cox, whose primary victory was a rebuke of Hogan’s performance. Hogan and comptroller candidate Glassman actively supported Democrat Wes Moore. No governor has more outwardly supported their “opposition” than Hogan. No governor is more outwardly hostile to their own voters.

Nevertheless, his presidential ambitions are nonexistent.

27: Doug Ducey, Arizona (-10)

In the eyes of Arizonans, Ducey is dead to them. For a state with an excellent congressional delegation, relatively speaking, the governor has been a disappointment. Election security is job security. Ducey’s failure to resolve the fraudulent practices of Maricopa County were costly, not just for Arizonans, but America as a whole. It is a great tragedy that Kari Lake will not be replacing him and declaring an invasion on the southern border, something Ducey could have done years ago.

26: Charlie Baker, Massachusetts (-1)

The outgoing RINO governor infamously described the overturn of Roe v Wade as a setback for women going so far as to sign an executive order protecting murderous women from other states who seek abortions in Massachusetts. Much of this is unsurprising and while his political career has concluded, Baker will go on to helm the NCAA come March of 2023, so while the Republican Party in Massachusetts is finished, he has a golden parachute awaiting him where he shall wield power as he exploits college athletes. Moreover, in his future post, he might punish Red States who push back over Tranny madness by denying them NCAA tournament games.

25: Mike Dunleavy, Alaska (-10)

For a state so heavily damaged by the Biden Administration’s energy policy, Alaska would be an ideal environment for pushback to the regime, where voters might air their grievances through the ballot box. Unfortunately, there is a liberal streak in Alaska and Dunleavy fails to have support from his own base. After an effort to recall him failed to metastasize, Dunleavy would go on to narrowly reach a majority in his reelection in what is supposed to be a deep red state. Moreover, due to ranked choice voting, Alaska continues to have Lisa Murkowski and now has a democrat congressman, all under Dunleavy’s watch. Election security matters, and Dunleavy would do well to combat the egregious practice of ranked choice voting.

24: Tate Reeves, Mississippi (-2)

Tate Reeves is a RINO who was one of a handful of GOP governors to implement a vaccine mandate. While his state was responsible for triggering the overturn of Roe v Wade, AG Lynn Fitch is the real hero, who also signed into effect the state’s trigger law, banning abortion. There is blood on his hands, potentially including that of Mike Leach who died suddenly at the age of 61, a year after Reeves’s mandate went into effect.

23: Phil Scott, Vermont (+1)

Pro Abortion and one of the most liberal states in America, Phil Scott governs as a Democrat with an R next to his name, thus allowing him to retain his seat for another term.

22: Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas (-10)

Outgoing Governor Asa Hutchinson has a decent legislative record under his belt, partially because his legislature only requires a simple majority to override his vetoes. Nevertheless, from the mouth, the heart speaks, and Hutchinson is competing with Larry Hogan on RINO governors vying for jobs in liberal media once they are out of office.

He is as fake a Christian as ever was in politics and even now he is still worshipping the poisonous vaccines. One can only hope that his successor, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders follows in the footsteps of a DeSantis for Arkansas.

21: Spencer Cox, Utah (-11)

In the same year that Mormons officially went gay, so too did the Mormon governor of Utah, Spencer Cox, who vetoed legislation banning transgendered youth in female sports and bowed to the Rainbow Jihad on June 1, 2022.

In the same state where the entire congressional delegation, except Mike Lee, voted for gay “marriage,” it must be said that Mormons suck at politics. Change my mind.

20: Eric Holcomb, Indiana (+1)

Eric Holcomb is such a RINO, that when presented with a bill to prohibit dudes in women’s sports, he chose the dudes over the ladies, only to be overridden by his legislature. This is the level of conviction found in this Indiana governor. Mike Pence chose a LT Governor after his own image.

Surprisingly, he signed into law the first Post-Roe abortion ban.

19: Mike DeWine, Ohio (+9)

Mike DeWine is an insufferable RINO, but he won his reelection against a formidable democrat opponent. It is due to men like DeWine that the Red Wave failed to be realized, and the down ballot results in Ohio demonstrate his failure to lift all boats, especially in the House. Yet because he cleaned up his own reelection, he has improved his standing within the power rankings as the best of the worst.

18: Mark Gordon, Wyoming (+2)

Gordon cleaned up his reelection in a state dominated by republicans as the brunt of the America First movement targeted Liz Cheney over him. When being chased by a bear, Gordon only needed to outrun Cheney. Nevertheless, Wyoming is a small state whose governor is insignificant on a national scale.

17: Doug Burgum, North Dakota (-1)

Burgum was better on Covid than most, but that is about it. This places him in the middle of the forgettables.

16: Pete Ricketts, Nebraska (+3)

Outgoing Governor Pete Rickets is largely unknown on a national scale, and that is because of inaction rather than action.

It should be interesting to watch whether his veterinarian successor Jim Pillen believes in science or not or will make more of a splash on cultural issues.

15: Chris Sununu, New Hampshire (+8)

For a New England state, New Hampshire has a decent legislature that was able to pass numerous bills protecting medical freedom. When patients are being denied transplants over a poisonous jab, HB1003 being signed into law is more than can be said of most republican governors.

Nevertheless, he is a small state governor and failed, in part due to the national establishment, to lift Donald Bolduc during the midterm cycle despite being at the top of the ballot.

14: Jim Justice, West Virginia (+4)

Governor Justice is a follower, not a leader. On a personal front, he is perpetually at odds with the Biden Regime as his wealth comes from coal, but politically, he is uninspiring. On the bright side, West Virginia passed an abortion ban, with exceptions, in the aftermath of Roe being overturned. There is not a lot West Virginia does well, but they succeeded here when other states wavered.

13: Brad Little, Idaho

Governor Little went on to win reelection with little resistance, surviving when the RINO AG was successfully primaried. His Achilles heel will always be Covid for a governor whose legislative resume would otherwise be amongst the best in the nation.

12: Kristi Noem, South Dakota (+2)

Governor Noem had a quiet year after betraying conservatives throughout 2021 on the issue of transgenderism. On abortion, her record is decent as she has moved against the abortion pill industry while others are concerned with closing down clinics. Overall, this was a rebound year for Noem who is on the shortlist for Vice President options in 2024—at least for Donald Trump. However, the prospects of being elevated beyond South Dakota are slim, especially following her 2021 betrayal and with the decline of Donald Trump’s political stock.

11: Brian Kemp, Georgia (-3)

Brian Kemp has been a bold governor in a state that is trending blue, partially because of Republican politicians keep selling out to corporate interests and Hollywood. Prior to the 2020 elections, his reopening of Georgia against Trump’s desires reflected his excellent instincts as governor, and he fought the MLB over voter integrity in 2021. Though Brian Kemp won reelection in a rematch against Stacy Abrams, improving his narrow 2018 margin to win with of 53.4%, he failed to open a hole for Herschel Walker to reach the endzone over Raphael Warnock. Being at the top of the ticket, Kemp was the one who underperformed the polls going into November, to which he falls in the rankings.

10: Mike Parson, Missouri

Missouri is a large state and a politically important stronghold which has been trending conservative in recent years. The outgoing AG Eric Schmidt has done a superb job leading the charge against the Biden Administration from his perch, yet the same does not appear to be replicated by Governor Mike Parson. Parson is a Southern Baptist who is on record going to FBC Bolivar.

To his credit, his previously signed abortion ban officially went into effect post-Roe, but Mike Parson should be the Ron DeSantis of Middle America. Unfortunately, he underperforms this calling.

9: Greg Gianforte, Montana (-2)

Governor Gianforte has an excellent record as Montana governor, yet he is governor of Montana, which did not have a legislative session in 2022. Unfortunately, this hurts his profile. Moreover, Montana failed to pass its abortion curbing amendment, which might reflect his inability to mobilize the political apparatus of his state.

8: Henry McMaster, South Carolina (+3)

South Carolina has benefited greatly from McMaster, especially considering he took over for Nikki Haley. The Presbyterian governor cruised to reelection in 2022 and possesses a solid record as governor, especially as he fared better than most on Covid. Nevertheless, South Carolina is a haven for RINO’s and sycophants, who sabotaged the state’s anti-abortion legislation during a special session.

7: Kay Ivey, Alabama (-3)

Kay Ivey is propped up by an excellent legislature, which sent her bills prohibiting transgender mutilations for children, limiting gay propaganda in schools, and Constitutional Carry. Because of her legislature, Ivey has a great record as governor, yet the oldest governor in America does not possess the star power of others.

6:  Greg Abbott, Texas (-3)

Because Texas is the largest Red State, the governor is naturally seeded higher in the Power Rankings as his marginal actions cast a larger impact from Austin, Texas. Moreover, Texas Republican leadership is more hardcore than the SBC yet the voters are not wiser to the political theater. Greg Abbott has made a masterful career dangling shiny objects before conservatives, like sending the illegals to DC, while failing to stop the transgenderism in his own state. Though he handily defeated Beta Beto in reelection for his third term, he then proceeded to issue a Declaration of Invasion that was more impotent than Michael Scott’s declaration of bankruptcy.

For a state with a large conservative media presence, Abbott might compete at the ballot box, but hardly can be moved to the will of the people.

5: Bill Lee, Tennessee (+1)

Bill Lee’s conservative credentials are highly overstated, yet the presence of The Daily Wire in Nashville has elevated the star power of Tennessee’s governor, who has otherwise been reluctant to act against the Rainbow Jihad, covid tyranny, and rising crime. In fact, Lee’s horrendous record on crime is overlooked. Rather than drive the media narratives, Governor Lee is situated in prime real estate to react to it, much to the benefit of his political prominence.

4: Glenn Youngkin, Virginia

Making his debut on Gubernatorial Power Rankings, Glenn Youngkin has gained national prominence in the Republican Party, serving as a model for electability. Despite his liberal background, Youngkin delivered early on his initial mandate against the Loudoun and Fairfax County school boards and reversed course on the Covid tyranny performed under Governor Blackface. Nevertheless, his technocratic tendencies are ubiquitous as he made a deal with Alphabet (Google) in the state’s education IT infrastructure.

Youngkin is a rising star, whose trajectory could make him a factor in the 2024 election, either as the establishment’s preferred candidate, or as a VP candidate to win back Virginia in the electoral college. Since he cannot serve two consecutive terms, these options are legitimately on the table for the Virginia governor.

3: Kim Reynolds, Iowa (-1)

Kim Reynolds is one of the finest governors in America and Iowa is increasingly becoming a Red State, despite RINO’s in its congressional delegation. Reynolds was given the task of delivering the GOP’s official response to Biden’s SOTU, in which she gave a milquetoast, uninspiring rebuttal. Nevertheless, the platform elevated her status in the national party. As a state, Iowa has much to do combatting abortion and the Rainbow Jihad, as much of their efforts on the former have been entangled by the courts. Nevertheless, after dominating her reelection, Reynolds is a viable prospect for Vice President in 2024.

2: Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma (+3)

I regret not having Kevin Stitt higher on the list in the prior edition, as he did more to fight the Biden jab mandate on the National Guard than any other governor. Stitt is the only governor who can tell DeSantis to hold his beer as he signed into law a ban on abortion, something he did sooner than others. Furthermore, Governor Stitt made improvements to Oklahoma’s education with the appointment of Ryan Walters to Secretary of Education, who would later win election for State Superintendent. With these two in power, Oklahoma should be poised to tackle culture war issues in the schools.

1: Ron DeSantis

This goes without saying, but DeSantis is the best governor in America. After curb-stomping Charlie Crist in his reelection and delivering a Red Wave in Florida, he is the GOP’s frontrunner for 2024 over Donald Trump. Amongst his 2022 accomplishments includes drawing blood from Disney, being the only state that recommends against the Covid jabs for young Americans, investigating Big Pharma over fraudulent claims on the poisonous jabs, gerrymandering against democrats in face of GOP opposition, and mitigating efforts to groom children in the schools and by medical practiconers. On the investigation of Big Pharma, it must be said that in most states, the healthcare system is one of, if not the most dominant lobby and industry. Going against Pharma is not establishment. DeSantis is America’s governor.

However, we do not simp here, and DeSantis’s record on abortion is lackluster, signing a 15-week ban that was surmounted by several others on this list. Though he has signaled that he would sign a heartbeat bill, this needs to be called out to his own betterment.


DeSantis being the best is no surprise, yet the fact that much of his actions are replicated by only a handful of the other 27 governors is the reason America is falling apart each day. Why is Florida the only state concerned with sudden deaths and seeking to prevent them through recommendation against the Covid Jabs for youths? The lessons learned from Covid are too few and most do not take initiative in going on offense against the Spirit of the Age. The other lamentation is the names who will not join this list, especially Kari Lake and Doug Mastriano. 

Going into 2023, there are several states where grassroots efforts can still be mobilized and Christians should look into the options they have in their backyards.

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