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Top 10 Stories of 2022

After taking a look at last year’s top ten stories facing the church, I must say that this year’s list hits harder, containing much bigger stories that will be remembered in church history.

10. SBC Sued For Defamation

The Southern Baptist Convention went all in on declaring that David Sills was a sex abuser. This was the natural consequence of propping up Jennifer Lyell as an abuse victim for having a consensual relationship. Sills filed suit in Alabama suing several SBC figures and entities for defamation, accusing men like Al Mohler of using him as a scapegoat to save face. The SBC has spent considerable capital on redefining sex abuse for a political agenda, and the fruit of endeavor is defamation of a man who, while committed sin, was not alone in the act and alone faced the consequences only to be further maligned, even by the entire convention. The Southern Baptist Convention will now have to defend their redefinition of sex abuse in court for the first time.

9. Matt Chandler MeToo’d

In a bizarre announcement, prominent pastor, Matt Chandler was temporarily removed from the pulpit for conduct not deemed sinful. Side B apologist, Preston Sprinkle came out and said that Matt Chandler simply violated the extra biblical Billy Graham Rule. DMing another married woman with the full awareness of all other spouses was a bridge too far for the elders at The Village Church who put up with Chandler preaching Critical Race Theory. This sets a bad precedent in which good pastors could get removed by disgruntled elders for conduct not unbecoming or sinful.

8. PCA Rejects Homosexual Pastors (Again)

For the second year in a row, the Presbyterian Church in America decisively defeated the Revoice Movement that seeks to advance Side B theology in a vote at their General Assembly. Dr. O. Palmer Robertson gave an impassioned speech that helped carry this overture to pass. This victory was further compounded when the most prominent homosexual pastor, Greg Johnson, moved his liberal church out of the PCA. Although, it seems unlikely that it will pass at the Presbytery level, the precedent has been set that if Christians keep winning, the gay churches will leave.

7. Exposing He Gets Us

With over $100 million at their disposal, what sort of mission do the richest in Big Eva invest in? The answer would turn out to be a massive campaign called “He Gets Us” which produced a series of low quality, low effort commercials advertising a version of Jesus that’s palatable to the masses. But the vacuous nature of the marketing campaign became more of an internet laughingstock, rather than a serious conversation starter or evangelism effort. Behind the scenes, there were no theological convictions including but not limited to the idea of an imperfect Jesus and the recommending of liberal churches.

6. The Homosexual Agenda Suffers Major Ls

From Ron DeSantis and Disney to parental rights advancements in Virginia and other states, the Homosexual Transvestite Pedophile agenda suffered the most pushback from the broader culture this year than they have seen in a long time. The word “groomer” was popularized to refer to people who want to mold children into being sodomites or transvestites. Disney went full gay, and it cost them dearly both at the box office on animated feature films and with their overhead in the state of Florida. Several states are challenging the medical establishment who wants to transgender children for profit, including Florida, Arkansas, and Arizona. Although the (Dis)Respect For Marriage Act passed, this desperate attempt to codify “rights” could be the undoing of the Homosexual Transvestite Pedophile movement.

5. Rise of Christian Nationalism

When it became clear that classical liberals were more focused on conserving systems rather than achieve policy outcomes, in the absence of Trump, conservatives began contemplating new, or rather old, political ideologies that are aspirational and provide an alternative vision. Although Christian Nationalists were unsuccessful on the ballot nationwide, this political thought is taking the Christian laity by storm, and there will be no going back to David Frenchism.

4. Frankfurt Declaration and Greater calls for 2020 accountability

2022 saw the public perception shift from accepting Branch Covidianism whole cloth as they did in 2020 to demanding accountability for those who initially imposed it on them, in 2022. Many calls were made for Covid accountability in the church where it became pressingly clear that government actors were influencing major Big Eva figures to peddle the narrative. Big Eva responded to these calls for accountability by playing the victim and calling for unity. The Frankfurt Declaration would emerge as a Christian response to medical tyranny and state-run ecclesiology. In the grand scheme of church history, two and a half years is a pretty swift response to a heretical movement.

3. SBC Goes MeToo

The Southern Baptist Convention began 2022 by apologizing to Jennifer Lyell and cutting her a very large paycheck for her troubles which involved having an inappropriate relationship with a married man that began when she was 26 and was on and off for 12 years. Lyell would also be the main feature of the Sex Abuse Task Force Report compiled by the homosexuality celebrating Guidepost Solutions. Their report detailed no previously unknown instances of sex abuse, the powers that be in the SBC were quick to jump on the grenade to label themselves a hive of sex abuse and sex abuse coverups, so they could implement MeToo style reforms to their ecclesiology. Despite the fact that sex abuse instances in the SBC are comparably rare given the size, timeline, and case numbers among SBC churches, the SBC has a sadomasochistic desire to acquire this witness for themselves.

2. Big Eva Beats the Drums of War, Neoconservatism, and the Great Reset

Lockdowns and jabs were the current thing, until they weren’t. The Great Reset agenda subsequently went all in for Ukraine and propping up the reputation of Volodymyr Zelensky after Russia formally invaded the country. Big Eva was quick to shill for Ukraine, with people like Michael Brown writing articles about not getting “morally confused about Ukraine” while getting morally confused about Ukraine. To Big Eva, the fact that Ukraine has been at war for eight years resulting from the 2014 coup, Ukraine is heavily involved with American corruption, and that Ukraine is the proxy of the Great Reset mean nothing. Knowing history doesn’t matter. This is some of the worst saber rattling since 2003, if not World War 1 by the church.

1. Big Eva Moves Left on Abortion as Country Moves Right

The highly anticipated Dobbs decision overturned Roe v Wade. This was the first major in a decades old movement to abolish abortion in the United States. In multiple states abortion bans and trigger laws went into effect. However, in the wake of this victory, it became clear how many figures in the pro-life movement, even in Christian circles weren’t truly pro-life. They talk a good game but when push came to shove, they opposed equal protection for the unborn because that would mean prosecuting the post-abortive mothers for the homicide they committed. The Bible prescribes capital punishment for murder-with-hatred, and but when a mother hates her own child, to Big Eva, its different because they fear women more than they fear God, resulting in a gynocracy that is actively moving the church to become more liberal on abortion.

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