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Ron DeSantis Cleans Up 2nd Annual Eva Awards

In Evangelical Dark Web’s year end live stream we count down the year’s biggest stories and host our annual award show in which we highlight the heroes, villains, winners, and losers of the year. The Eva awards are audience participatory and supporters of the Evangelical Dark Web got to vote on multiple categories as a thanks for their support. At the awards, Ron DeSantis cleaned up by being the Politician of the Year, Chad of the Year, and Winner of the Year. As America’s top governor, it was deserved that he would get politician of the year. He won the Chad award in large part due to his handling of both Disney and pointing to the scoreboard after winning reelection. And being the winner of the year was earned by a near 20 point victory in the state of Florida. Johnny Depp was on track for this award but he settled his lawsuit after winning a jury trial.

Last year, Francis Collins won Church Villain of the Year and in 2022 he would get exposed to a larger audience courtesy of the work by Megan Basham. This year, Rachael DenHollander won, so it will be interesting to see if a larger segment of Evangelicalism wises up to her next year.


Best Teacher – Dr. Russell Fuller (2nd year in a row)

Worst Teacher – Rick Warren, Runner up: Tim Keller

Church Hero – Frankfurt Declaration Writers Honorable Mentions: Dr. O. Palmer Robertson

Church Villain – Racheal DenHollander

Best Church – Apologia Church for End Abortion Now

Worst Church -Hillsong, Dishonorable Mention Saddleback

Most Overrated – Elon Musk, Dishonorable Mentions: Elvis, Taika Waititi, Elon Musk

Most Underrated – Megan Basham

Underreported – Hunter Biden and Pedo Pete, Runner up: Plight of Donetsk

Overreported – Ukrainian Propaganda, Dishonorable Mention: Antisemitism

Biggest Surprise – Died Suddenly

Biggest Disappointment – Red Wave, Dishonorable Mention: JD Hall, Tom Ascol

Grifter of the Year – Volodymyr Zelensky

Biggest Bum – Steven Crowder, Runner Up: Ted Cruz,

Player Hater (For that person so full of hate.) Liz Cheney

Best Actor (Interpret as you please) – Will Smith (for pretending to be a man on screen but being a cuck in real life)

Worst Actor (Interpret as you please) – Mehmet Oz (Can’t even convince people he’s a Republican)


Johnny Depp, Kyrie Irving, Eric July Rippaverse Comics (Entrepreneur)

Best Politician (meant to reward a statemen or legislator not for snooty remarks) Ron DeSantis, Honorable Mentions: Ron Johnson, Samuel Alito

Worst Politician – Liz Truss (for failing to outlast a head of lettuce as Prime Minister of the UK Dishonorable mentions: Volodymyr Zelensky, Boris Johnson,

Activist – Canadian Truckers

LARP(er) – Daily Wire, Dishonorable Mention Jordan Peterson

Hack – Jordan Peterson, Dishonorable mention: Julie Roys, Trevin Wax

Rookie – Glenn Youngkin

Comeback – Tua Tagovailoa

Best Movie/TV Show/Book/Video Game (You don’t have to fill up all these categories if you do not have one for each. Only ensure that it came out 2022)

Father Stu, Better Call Saul, The Case For Christian Nationalism, by Stephen Wolfe

Worst Movie/TV Show/Book/Video Game (You don’t have to fill up all these categories if you do not have one for each. Only ensure that it came out 2022)

Lightyear, Rings of Power

Meme – It’s Morbin Time

NPC (Non-Player Character) – Paul Miller

Mangina (for that guy who’s so effeminate) –

Uvalde Police

Chad – Ron DeSantis

Loser – Disney

Winner – Ron DeSantis

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