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Top 10 Articles of 2022

The most read articles of the year are the result of the search engine optimization of Evangelical Dark Web. In this our articles appear when people are researching famous pastors. The verdicts that we write outperformed the daily news on the year more than they did last year. This is a look at how some discover Evangelical Dark Web. With the exception of #10, the top ten was determined using our website and number 10 was determined using Google Analytics.

10. Redeemer Fellowship KC: A Woke Church Powered by Docent Research Group

Why this article cracked the top ten is baffling to me. Apparently shortly after publish in 2021, the pastor of this woke Kansas City Church was placed on leave for reasons that aren’t publicly broadcasted. It seems as though he wasn’t woke enough, but in any case, Redeemer Fellowship KC had a leadership change which resulted in increased search traffic for this article.

9. Is Matt Chandler a false teacher?

It was a big year for Matt Chandler, so it’s not a surprise this article cracked the top ten.

8. Is John Piper a false teacher?

John Piper is one of the biggest names in Big Eva. Desiring God is perhaps even larger than The Gospel Coalition.

7. Is Sadie Robertson Huff A False Teacher?

This article was published midyear and breaks new ground on the subject of Sadie Robertson Huff, a celebrity from Duck Dynasty who has been caught up with Louie Giglio.

6. Is Francis Chan a false teacher?

Francis Chan remains a huge name in the Evangelical world even as he fades into obscurity.

5. Is Levi Lusko a false teacher?

Levi Lusko is a highly talented wolf in sheep’s clothing. While we likely are not the only site to cover him, I believe we’ve done so with the most research.

4. Is Priscilla Shirer false teacher?

This verdict got updated in 2022, but is one of the first we wrote on reader request. It’s a legacy article that still drives traffic.

3. Is John Mark Comer a false teacher?

I didn’t realize how big John Mark Comer was until this year, but this article has been a top performer over the last several months.

2. Is Michael Todd a false teacher?

This is the all time most read article on Evangelical Dark Web. We called Mike Todd out before it was cool to do so because a reader requested we look into him and this was before he blew up. This is the type of work we set out to do at Evangelical Dark Web.

1. Is Craig Groeschel a false teacher?

This is the most comprehensive research on Groeschel on the internet. It covers his wokeness as well as the folly of his megachurch ways. Being pastor of the largest church in America, it’s no surprise this is one of the most read article this year.

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