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Our Most Watched Videos in 2022

Evangelical Dark Web does a hybrid of website and YouTube ministry, which emerged because so many of the stories we cover heavily rely on video. Unlike the most viewed posts in 2022, most of the most viewed videos were actually from 2022. However the top 4 are legacy videos from late 2021 or even 2020.


10. Why Sadie Robertson Huff Shouldn't Preach

This video tread new ground on the subject of Sadie Robertson Huff and was an accompaniment to the verdict we wrote on her.

9. Andy Wood Is Compromised On Homosexuality

Andy Wood and his wife are Rick Warren’s replacements at Saddleback Church. His stance on homosexuality was exposed here.

8. Matt Chandler Gets MeToo'd, Placed On Leave

This was one of the biggest stories of the year, making our top ten.

7. Boston Children's Hospital Hysterectomy: Demonic Forces At Work

This video got a little viral.

6. Johnny Hunt Accused Of Sexual Assault. Task Force Report Underwhelms

One of the biggest stories of the year was the SBC going full Me Too, and unlike most of Christian media, we actually read the Sex Abuse Task Force report and not the SBC talking points.

5. Apologist Cameron Bertuzzi Converts To Catholicism, Begs For Money

Cameron Bertuzzi has a large YouTube audience, and so this video broke out to a Catholic audience who did not like pointing out the obvious grift of Bertuzzi.

4. Steven Furtick Modalism Exposed

This stands as the most watched video on the channel.

3. David Platt speaking at woke, pro-homosexuality conference

After this video was published, David Platt would back out of the conference for whatever reason.

2. Woke Evangelical Black Foot Fetish Compilation

This video went a little viral for some of the right and wrong reasons. This video was either found funny by conservative Christians or was the result of someone with a foot fetish on YouTube. 

1. Andy Stanley - Obvious False Teacher

This is the second all time most watched video on the channel.

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