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Faith Christian Academy High School

Why This Christian School Lied About A Child Being Confessed Mass Shooter

Evangelical Dark Web regularly relies on its own newsgathering. However in the instance where we are heavily relying on other sources to the point where our reporting would not be original, we want to curate and give credit to those who broke a story particularly well. David Morrill in our interview with him alluded to this story, and it’s much worse than I suspected that it would be.

David Morrill is publisher/writer over at Protestia a large discernment ministry. Faith Christian Academy of Arvada, Colorado has a high school that is in the process of being purchased by Grace Church of Arvada, and David Morrill has been a vocal critic of this sale, even using Protestia to voice his dissent. The reason why: Grace Church is a gay church, and a gay church has no business taking over an otherwise doctrinally sound school.

The anonymous accusation against the son of Protestia publisher/writer David Morrill alleged that his son had a knife at school, that he made comments to students about guns, and made threats against the school.

According to Morrill, he spoke with his son and confirmed that the “knife” in question was a stick of gum in the silver wrapper and that his son made a joke referencing the similarity in the word “gum” to the word “gun.” He said that his son confirmed making no threats, that the conversation took place in his Bible class (not the bathroom as claimed by the anonymous tipster), and that the students in the conversation were laughing and clearly knew nothing said in the conversation was anything other than a joke.

The article explains how Colorado’s Safe2Tell reporting system is rife for abuse and falls well below the biblical standard of acceptable evidence.

The Safe2Tell system’s anonymity makes interviewing the reporting party impossible, leaving Morrill’s son as the only cooperating witness to the supposed violative behavior. This was pointed out by Morrill in a recent meeting with school administrators, who continually claimed that the anonymous report, the police’s report of the report, and security head Neidig’s phone conversation with the police after they interviewed the Morrills all established “corroborated evidence” that his son had done something wrong, despite being at odds with the incident report.

Morrill sent a cease-and-desist letter to Faith Christian Academy and Faith Bible Chapel asking them to retract Neidig’s statements about Morrill intimidating staff and his son threatening the school. “In the spirit of Christian reconciliation, I want to give the school every opportunity to correct this injustice and do the right thing,” said Morrill. “We had previously offered to have our son check in with school administration when I drop him off at school so they could search him – just to allow him to be able to attend class with other kids and the teachers he looks up to. We don’t understand the school’s position on this at all.”

Morrill’s criticisms of the school purchase have been focused on his doctrinal concerns with Grace Church and its lead pastor Rick Long, who drew criticism from FCA parents for a sermon in early 2020 advocating for Christian churches to be accepting of unrepentant homosexuals being baptized into the church. FCA parents and some Faith Bible Chapel members have expressed dismay at Long’s teachings, which include “monogamous, committed relationships” as an acceptable substitute for biblical marriage, Long getting the “gay approval” to preach the sermon, and jumping into the baptismal to baptize his lesbian friends.

Christian schools should be better than this, but unfortunately this schools seems more focused on quashing dissenting voices over their doctrinally unsound purchaser.

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