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Our Most Popular Articles From 2022

As distinct from the top ten article of 2022, this is about the best performers from 2022. Discernment verdicts were among the top performers, but there are always major articles that we write that do exceedingly well too.

10. JD Greear laments Christians leaving his woke church

Written about JD Greear at the beginning of the year, this article held it’s own, although I suspect is would not have held this much longer.

9. Focus on the Family Cites Money in Enforcing Biden Vaccine Mandate

One of the first articles we wrote about Focus on the Family, calling them out for their moral cowardice, so clearly motivated by money. This article also benefitted from being in the beginning of the year, but this was a major scandal for this organization at the time.

8. Is Louie Giglio A False Teacher?

Written in September, this article did very well. It’s written ahead of the upcoming Passion Conference, so I believe it may make the top ten overall in 2023.

7. Costi Hinn Apologizes To G3, Backpaddles On Doug Wilson, Michael O’Fallon

With all the big names beefing in this story, this article simplifies the process to make newcomers to the story able to understand what’s going on. It did well even with search engine optimization.

6. Amy Grant Plans To Host a Gay Wedding

This top article in December got to number 6 on the year which is highly impressive. And other outlets would follow suit reporting on and responding to this event.

5. Exposing “He Gets Us” Big Eva’s $100 Million Ad Campaign

The more He Get’s Us advertises, the more this article will continue to get steady traffic. This is one of the first articles on the internet exposing on one of the most frivolous evangelism efforts of all time.

4. Preston Sprinkle: Matt Chandler Simply Violated Billy Graham Rule

Being one of the first outlets to report on this story, we would go on to be cited by the liberal Baptist News Global boosting the traffic for this story even more.

3. Is Tim Keller a false teacher?

This was written early on in the year and got up to number 3. Tim Keller has been written about more than the top two on this subject, so I am not surprised to see it not surpass them, despite its February publish date.

2. Is David Jeremiah A False Teacher?

Ultimately concluding that David Jeremiah is not a false teacher, this article outlines the concerns that we have with him.

1. Is Sadie Robertson Huff A False Teacher?

This is the first significant research about her which is in part because she’s younger than even myself. However, her trajectory is really concerning and multiple readers were asking about her. I’m not shocked this was the year’s best article.

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