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Trump Blames Pro-Lifers For 2022 Midterm Underperformance

In a bizarre move that seems to come out of the RNC playbook, Donald Trump took to Truth Social to cast blame on the pro-life movement for the underperformance Republicans had in the 2022 elections.


It’s not surprising that Trump would not take responsibility for his role in the 2022 election performance. However, he goes on to blame one of the most loyal voting blocs in the Republican Party for not showing up on game day. In a plot twist, Trump asserts, the pro-life movement used the GOP to get a policy outcome rather than the GOP use the pro-life movement to win elections.

Trump details just how not pro-life he actually is touting his support for rape, incest (eugenics), and the fallacious life of the mother exceptions for abortion.

Trump’s claims are all over the place. On one hand, he states that pro-lifers are too extreme for the American public. On the other, he’s blaming them for not showing up on game day. He closes by blaming Mitch McConnell’s funding which was a main contributing factor to not winning flappable senate seats.

As Steve Deace points out, the issue was more that the Democrat base of single bitter women showed up in droves.

Noted Trump2024 supporter, Red Eagle Politics even said the statement was unnecessary after agreeing with it, in part.

It’s unclear what impact this will have on the 2024 primaries, the number of people on Truth Social is small, and the news cycle is fleeting.

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3 Responses

  1. “Bizarre” is a value judgment word. When used outside of comic books, it denotes nothing but the author’s pre-formed bent on some subject or other. The outcome of those two things taken together, the author’s bent and value judgment, is most commonly the saying of nothing, or nothing meaningful.

    You don’t have to like Trump’s assessment for it to be spot on. As most of his assessments prove to be over time.

    Abortion hardliners “jumped over dollars to pick up pennies,” an old phrase indicating an inability to recognize the greatest short-term opportunity when it presents itself. An imbecilic perspective that trades wholesale victory to be built upon with the satisfaction of knowing one has no strategic understanding for [in this case] protecting innocent lives whatsoever.

    Let the mother die rather than make a bitter compromise? Now that’s bizarre.

  2. I guess she doesn’t understand the word fallacious, go figure! And I thought we all have figured out by now the dems print votes out of thin air and republican leadership IS NOT conservative and hence why they haven’t won an election since 2000. It’s always been a grassroots movement built bottom up on anger for the establishment. And because of the rampant cheating, there’s millions like me that live in a state that prints fake votes against my will, and until that’s fixed there’s no reason for me to waste my time partaking in farce. Lastly, the abortion win is massively more important than winning an election, just name me something to come from a redwave better than that?

  3. Many Christians didn’t vote because the GOP, including Trump, has embraced homosexuality and made its advancement and imposition a part of the party platform and agenda. Since many Christians stayed home, it is to be expected that exit polls would lean toward positions on the issues that Christians would not endorse. If you want to consider why elections are lost, you have to not only factor in why some voted against you, but also why others didn’t vote at all. Trump is smart enough to understand this, but he is all-in on the advancement of abominable sin, and therefore will never admit it.

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